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KMDF submits memorandum to Chief Secretary listing urgent demands for the welfare, rehabilitation of Kashmiri Migrants

Jammu, February 14, 2024: The All Kashmiri Migrant Democratic Front (KMDF) has submitted a memorandum to the Chief Secretary of the Government of Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory, outlining urgent demands for the welfare and rehabilitation of Kashmiri migrants. Led by Patron Shri M.K. Yogi, the KMDF highlights several critical issues faced by the migrant community, urging prompt action from the authorities.

The memorandum, dated February 14, 2024, presents a comprehensive list of demands, including:

Enhancement of Monthly Cash Assistance: Immediate revision of the monthly cash assistance to alleviate financial hardships faced by migrants.

Creation of New Employment Package: Introduction of a new employment package for unemployed migrant youths to facilitate their return and rehabilitation in the Valley.

Clearance of Old Medical Claims: Expedited clearance of pending medical claims for migrants suffering from chronic illnesses.

Improvement of Drinking Water Supply: Provision of soft drinking water supply to migrant camps, particularly in Jagti and Nagrota, to ensure residents’ health and well-being.

Facilitation of Self-Employment Loans: Expedited provision of self-employment loans to empower migrant youths and overaged individuals economically.

Restarting of Engineering Wing: Temporary reactivation of the engineering wing within the Relief and Rehabilitation Commissioner (RC) office to oversee development and maintenance works in migrant camps.

Improvement of Medical Facilities: Installation of digital equipment and adequate staffing in medical centers to provide comprehensive healthcare services.

Scheme under Self-Employment: Implementation of a one-time settlement scheme and compensation for damaged property in the valley.

Treatment of Migrant Cards as B.P.L Cards: Equivalency of migrant cards with Below Poverty Line (B.P.L) cards to ensure access to essential benefits and services.

Reservation in Government Jobs: Advocacy for reservation in both Central and State government jobs for Kashmiri migrant youths.

Prioritization of PM Package Employees issues: Addressing various issues faced by PM Package employees, including transfer of medical cases, online work facilitation, pending promotions, timely salary disbursement, and provision of accommodation.

The KMDF emphasizes the importance of prompt action by the authorities to address these pressing issues and improve the living conditions of Kashmiri migrants. The memorandum is signed by several representatives of the KMDF, including Shri M.K. Yogi, Tej Krishan Dhar, Sunil Pandita, Pran Nath Pandita, Ashok Kumar Koul, Ashok Dhar, Anil Bhan, Vijay Kumar Mulsoo, Sarsothi Nath, Sanjay Raina, S.L. Koul, Bharat Kachroo, and others.

The KMDF remains hopeful that the Chief Secretary’s office will give due consideration to their demands and take proactive measures to address the grievances of the Kashmiri migrant community, thereby fostering their integration and well-being in the Union Territory.

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