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All Kashmiri Migrant Democratic Front (KMDF) submits memorandum to advisor to Lieutenant Governor of J&K U.T.

Jammu, February 12, 2024: In a significant move, the All Kashmiri Migrant Democratic Front (KMDF) led by its Patron, Shri M.K. Yogi, along with esteemed members including S/Shri T.K. Dher, Ashwina Bhat, Sanjay Raina, Shuban ji Raina, and Nazir Ahmed, presented a comprehensive memorandum to the Advisor to His Excellency, the Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory. The memorandum delineates a series of critical demands aimed at addressing the longstanding grievances of the displaced Kashmiri community, both within and outside the Valley.

  1. Resettlement and Rehabilitation: The KMDF underscores the pressing need for a concrete and permanent rehabilitation policy to facilitate the return and resettlement of the displaced community to the Valley. Despite enduring cultural, financial, and economic losses due to the genocide in the Valley, the community remains steadfast in its desire to reclaim its roots.
  2. Compensation for Losses: The memorandum highlights the dire need for compensation concerning immovable properties, orchards, trade establishments, and agricultural holdings, which have remained unaddressed by successive governments. The KMDF urges expedited consideration of compensation in accordance with constitutional provisions.
  3. Employment and Welfare: The KMDF expresses concern over the inadequate implementation of employment schemes, particularly the Prime Minister’s Package Employment, which has failed to provide essential benefits and support to beneficiaries. The community advocates for equitable treatment in terms of job opportunities, accommodation, security, and other welfare measures, akin to government employees.
  4. Implementation of Central Government Schemes: Despite announcements by His Excellency on various occasions, central government schemes aimed at assisting the exiled community have yet to be effectively implemented. The KMDF emphasizes the need for tangible actions to bridge the gap between the community and the broader populace.
  5. Addressing Unemployment: With rising unemployment exacerbating social issues such as intolerance, frustration, and drug addiction among the youth, the KMDF calls for the creation of dedicated police recruitment battalions and reserved quotas in both public and private sectors. Additionally, the memorandum advocates for age relaxation and preferential treatment for highly qualified youth, including Kashmiri Hindus.
  6. Political Representation: The KMDF asserts the fundamental right to democratic representation by advocating for reserved assembly and parliamentary seats for the exiled community. Such measures are deemed essential to address decades of disenfranchisement and ensure equitable participation in governance.
  7. Empowerment and Organizational Structure: The memorandum underscores the need for formalized representation and organizational structures outside the Valley, including the establishment of representative bodies in camps. Such initiatives aim to consolidate the scattered community and amplify its voice in policy-making processes.
  8. Infrastructure and Basic Services: Highlighting deficiencies in essential services, particularly water supply in Jagti Camp, the KMDF urges swift governmental intervention to rectify issues and ensure the well-being of residents.
  9. Committee Formation and Oversight: The KMDF proposes the formation of independent committees comprising officers and migrants to assess and address the current status of the exiled community, particularly in camps. Additionally, the appointment of an Estates Nodal Officer is recommended to streamline coordination between residents and relevant government departments.
  10. Humanitarian Considerations: Lastly, the KMDF appeals for the equitable treatment of the exiled community as integral citizens of India and Jammu and Kashmir. The memorandum stresses the imperative of prioritizing resettlement and rehabilitation efforts to alleviate the suffering endured by the community.

The memorandum presented by the All Kashmiri Migrant Democratic Front underscores the urgent need for comprehensive policy measures and governmental interventions to address the protracted challenges faced by the displaced Kashmiri community. The demands outlined therein reflect a collective aspiration for justice, empowerment, and inclusive development, resonating with the core principles of democracy and humanitarianism.

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