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Creative Workshop for School Children Organized at Zone Bhatyas Doda

Art integration imperative in new education policy

Doda, May 27, 2024: In continuation of its ongoing efforts, Vishwagram Trust Gujarat, in collaboration with the Zonal Education Office Bhatyas, organized a creative workshop for school children at PS Ahenger Mohalla Thanth zone Bhatyas. This initiative is part of a series of ongoing activities launched by the Trust in Doda District, focusing on the Gandhian philosophy of education and aiming to develop the skills and competencies of children by unlocking their inner potential through engaging, hands-on activities.
Zonal Education Officer Bhatyas Ch Salam Din has expressed gratitude to the trust for organising a series of events to exhibit the talent of the students and teachers at large. He has emphasized the importance of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, which focuses on activity-based learning. He highlighted that art-integration is a cross-curricular pedagogical approach that incorporates various aspects of art and culture into the learning process, making education more joyful and meaningful, this approach aims to imbibe Indian ethos through the integration of Indian art and culture at every educational level, thereby strengthening the linkage between education and cultural heritage

Rooted in the principles of Mahatma Gandhi’s educational philosophy, the workshop emphasized holistic learning that not only imparts academic knowledge but also nurtures moral and ethical values. The Gandhian model promotes self-reliance and practical skill development, aiming to create well-rounded and self-sufficient individuals. The workshop provided children with opportunities to engage in creative activities that stimulate their imagination and practical skills, embodying the ‘learning by doing’ approach.

The workshop was led by Geeta Darshan and Ramesh Bhai Barot from Vishwagram Trust, who guided the children through various art and craft activities designed to foster creativity and hands-on learning. These activities were carefully crafted to help children explore their artistic talents and enhance their cognitive and motor skills.

The workshop highlighted the NEP’s emphasis on experiential learning, where art-integrated education is pivotal in classroom transactions. By embedding art and culture into teaching and learning processes, the initiative aims to create joyful classrooms and instill a deep appreciation for Indian culture and heritage among students.
Vishwagram Trust, is a not-for-profit charitable organization based in Gujarat, has a rich history of humanitarian efforts in disaster-affected areas, including relief work during the Kashmir earthquake, the Indian Ocean tsunami, and the Bihar flood crisis. The Trust’s ongoing projects also support railway children, providing them with access to education, security, and a promising future. The Trust’s team of doctors, social workers, and children’s program facilitators continue to play a crucial role in these efforts.
The workshop also celebrated the contributions of local Teacher Mohd Rafi Ahangar, whose participation was greatly appreciated by the Trust. His active involvement highlighted the collaborative spirit necessary to nurture young minds and encourage their creative development.

The event marks a significant milestone in integrating practical, art-based learning into the educational framework of Doda District. By focusing on Gandhian educational principles and the NEP’s guidelines, the workshop demonstrated the value of experiential and art-integrated education. Vishwagram Trust have set a commendable example of how education can be made more enriching and impactful, fostering a generation of skilled, competent, and culturally aware individuals. The Team leaders exhorted the children of this hilly terrain to focus on the creative art and appreciated the enthusiasm of the children in making the series of events successful.
Nighat Naz, Zonal In-charge Culture (ZICC) Bhatyas, played a pivotal role in organizing and coordinating the series of activities. Others who took part include Imran Majeed Malik, Yassir Arfat and many others.

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