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Vishwagram Trust organised series of Creative Programmes across Doda District

Multiple Programme held to hone creativity, art and craft skills among children

Doda, May 28, 2024 : In an inspiring effort to foster creativity and holistic education, Vishwagram Trust Gujarat organized a series of Programmes in District Doda with a view to imbibe art and craft skills among the students. One such creative programme was held today at Government High School Budhli Bhalessa, with active cooperation from the Zonal Education Office Bhatyas.
The trust also organised a creative camp at HS Thaloran Zone Bhalessa under the supervision and cooperation of Zonal Education officer Bhalessa.

Mohd Ayoub Sheikh, Zonal Education Officer (ZEO) Bhalessa has expressed thanks to the guest team members of the trust and emphasized the importance of integrating art education into the broader educational framework. He highlighted that art education is not merely an extracurricular activity but an essential component of holistic education. By nurturing creativity and artistic skills, students can develop critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and problem-solving abilities. He called for a concerted effort to imbibe art education in schools, recognizing its role in fostering a well-rounded, innovative, and culturally aware generation

The events featured a range of art and craft activities designed to engage and inspire students.

The programme was spearheaded by team leaders Iliyas Mansoori and Nawal Sir, whose dedication and expertise in art and craft activities successfully imbibed a sense of creativity among the students. Their innovative approach and hands-on activities attracted the young minds, encouraging them to express themselves through various forms of art.

The event at HS Budhli was supervised by Master Arshad Hussain In-Charge Headmaster HS Budhli under his able guidance team interacted with students and displayed their talent. The programme ran smoothly and effectively, providing a supportive environment for both the students and the guest facilitators from Gujrat.

The schools expressed its heartfelt gratitude to Vishwagram Trust for their continuous support and the series of impactful activities they have conducted in the area. The trust, known for its adherence to Gandhian principles, has made significant contributions during crises such as the Tsunami, and the floods in Bihar and Kashmir. Their commitment to social causes and education is highly commendable.

Vishwagram Trust’s initiatives aim to enrich the educational experience of students by integrating creative and practical skills into the curriculum. The teachers, administrators, HOIs, Local NGOs and civil Society of Doda at large has endorsed their efforts in many interior areas of Doda JKUT like Ramban, Doda, Bhalessa, Halaran, Bhatyas, Kishtwar, Bhaderwah and their dedication to nurturing the potential of every student and promoting a culture of creativity, art and craft.The vote of thanks were presented by Ishaq Rasheed Malik teacher HS Budhli and I/C HS Thaloran. The event was coordinated at Zonal level by ZICC Bhatyas Nighat Naz and ZICC Zone Bhalessa respectively.

Nighat Naz ZICC and school administration presented a bouquet to guest members of the Vidhwagram Trust Gujrat.

Others who coordinated included Mohd Aslam Malik, Mohd. Younus and many others.

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