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Ankit Love Escorted out of Bulgari Hotel by Met Police, following Bust up with Pakistani Businessman

LONDON, JULY 12, 2021: Ankit Love, 37, NFT artist and former Mayor of London candidate, was yesterday July-11-2021, escorted out of the Bulgari Hotel by London Met police, after a bust up with a Pakistani businessman in suite 102.

Ankit Love had been invited to watch the Euro final football match between England and Italy, by Ariana Ghani, niece of the current president of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani.

In the Bulgari hotel room suite soon after England scored their first goal, and after the Pakistani businessman discovered Ankit Love, was from the Indian Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, he started hurling violent profane abuses and threats at Ankit Love demanding he leave the hotel suite immediately.

Ankit Love who had met the Pakistani business man for the first time, tired to placate the matter and argued to maintain the peace. However, the Pakistani businessman only became more aggressive against Ankit Love.

Hotel security was called to the room, while the Pakistani business man was trying to slam the door in the face of the Indian artist, using hideous profanities including the F-word multiple times.

Ankit Love was registered in the room and held the only key, was asked by hotel security who had paid for the room. When Love, informed them it was the Pakistani businessman, hotel security despite witnessing the abusive threats made by the Pakistani against Ankit Love, asked Love to leave the room.

Ankit Love proceeded to call metropolitan police to inform them of the abusive threats made, and also of fear of the safety of his friend Ariana Ghani still left in the room with the aggressive Pakistani businessman.

Police officers arrived to investigate the scene, after taking a statement from Love, they proceeded to enter suite 102 and interviewed the occupants, including a Russian lady and a Somalian political heir, with the view to arrest the Pakistani businessman for threatening behavior against Ankit Love, based on potentially racial bias in regards to the Kashmir conflict, presently a nuclear war trigger between India and Pakistan.

However, after interviewing the suspect and other room occupants, the police returned to inform Ankit Love, who was waiting in the cigar lounge at the time, that he would have to leave the premisses immediately.

The police informed Ankit Love, that the hotel security who despite witnessing the abuse thrown towards Ankit Love, had stated Love was the perpetrator as opposed to the victim.

Further the police told Ankit Love, that his friend Ariana Ghani appeared safe and wished to remain with the Paksitani businessman, and further had told police she wished not to see Ankit Love nor hear from him ever again.

Love quizzed the police about the story given by the hotel security telling the police that Bulgari hotel security had themselves been witness to the crime, and if so could they not be prosecuted for lying to the police when the matter would be taken to court?

Love believed that the Bulgari hotel security had taken the side of the Pakistani, because he had paid £1000 for the room, and Love had only spent £25 in the cigar lounge that day.

Love told the police that it was discrimination by the Bulgari hotel security, for them to protect criminal behavior by the Pakistani businessman simply as he had paid more.

Love further said that the Pakistani duty manger Amin Zarar, had been extremely rude to Love, and insulted Love by meanly saying if you are not paying “you are nobody at Bulgari,” and refused to park Love’s art car in the garage, while the artist was waited for the police, instead Mr. Zarar had said to love “well can’t you afford the parking ticket.”

Love believed it should have been the Pakistani businessman that should have been evicted by Bulgari hotel security and the police instead, as Love had been the victim of the crime, and abusive language and threatening intimidation. Payment of the room, should not have taken precedence over criminal behavior.

Neither was it clear why the police did not arrest Ankit Love, if they believed the Bulgari hotel security’s account of the matter, and if they felt he had given a false statement.

Police escorted Love to his art car, with the police informing him that court proceedings would take over 3 months.

The matter waits for a court date now. The Bulgari hotel, did not refund Love his £25 spend, despite having the police remove him from the premiss based on fraudulent statement and discrimination.

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