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Panun Kashmir (PK) Observes July 13 as ‘Black Day’

Jammu, July 13, 2021: Panun Kashmir observed 13 th July as the Black Day by organising it’s Core Committee meeting at the party Headquarters In Jammu today. The core committee meeting was organised amongst the members to discuss the significance of the event. The members who participated in the meeting included the President Virender Raina, General Secretary Kamal Bagati, General Secretary Upinder Koul, Secretary DOPK Vimla Chrungoo, Convenor PK Youth Sameer Bhatt, Ashok Chrungoo,Prof.S.K.Bhatt, P. K.Bhan and Sameer Mattoo.

Virender Raina while speaking on the occasion said the time has come to take a renewed pledge for the reclamation of our Homeland in Kashmir and rest not till we achieve our goal. Virender Raina added that it was due to our constant struggle over the years that the practice of observing this day as the so-called Martyr’s Day by the erstwhile state government was stopped. Virender Raina said that the Kashmiri Pandits stand rock solid behind our Prime Minister Modi Ji who has shown exemplary courage and leadership while defeating the evil designs of China and Pakistan. Virender Raina said that while we continue with the struggle of Panun Kashmir, at the same time we have to keep on demanding our political and economic rights guaranteed under the Constitution. Virender Raina added that the Preamble, which is the heart and soul of the Constitution guarantees us justice : social, economic and political and we have full faith and belief that justice would ultimately prevail, though belated. Raina added that, we made one of the finest and most effective presentations before the honourable Delimitation Commission and put forth our demands for political representation in the assembly and the parliament of the country.

Virender Raina said that ours is a democratic country and every major change has to come from state legislature or the parliament and Homeland would also come via the same pathway only. That’s the reason a decent presence of the Internally Displaced Kashmiri Pandits in the law-making bodies is the need of the hour.

Upinder Koul said that on this day in 1931,Kashmiri Hindus were subjected to mass looting and murder at places like Vichar Nag, Mahraj Ganj, Nawa Kadal, Kanikoot Budgam, and various other places at the behest of communal forces. Koul said that the events of the 1931 program were re-enacted in 1986 and finally in 1990, resulting in our mass exodus from Kashmir. Koul appealed to the govt for the enactment of the Temples & Shrines Bill as brought by the PNBMT for the protection and preservation of temples in Kashmir.

Senior KP leader P.K.Bhan said that the Kashmiri Pandits should close their ranks and stand rock solid against the forces who are again trying to become active in the state. He said that attempts are being made to create chaos and confusion amongst the various KP groups and appealed to all that they must see through the evil designs of the enemy and not fall prey to their machinations.

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