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Traffic Police Jammu Starts Crackdown on Over speeding Vehicles & Other Visible Offences

Follow Traffic Rules for Safety & Security ……Life Is Precious

Jammu, June 11, 2021: Managing traffic in Jammu city is really a difficult task in hand at about 43 degrees celsius , traffic cop has always to be alert on road one mistake can make difference between his life and death.
The principles are same but the difference lies only in the quantum. A person driving has to navigate only one vehicle, while the Jammu Traffic police have to ensure the smooth flow of over 3 Lakhs vehicles throughout Jammu City on a daily basis. It is a tough task, particularly due to lack of parking space & Jammu’s unique topography, exponential increase in no. Of  vehicles, and atlast but not the least Motorcyclists especially Young boys who always want to fly on roads and dont obey driving discipline.
The Main objective of the drives was to aware the General public as well as drivers regarding Traffic Rules and Regulations. Special stress of drives were given upon the Over speed and other visible offences, so that the nose of violators is tightened in the area.
Despite the challenges, Jammu Traffic Police, under the guidance of Sh T. Namgyal IPS, ADGP Traffic J&K, Dr Koshal Kumar Sharma JKPS, SSP Traffic City Jammu and about 300 traffic officers/officials assisted by the latest technology will always try to save precious lives by letting violators following traffic rules.
Dr Koshal Kumar Sharma SSP Traffic City Jammu has asked the people to follow the Traffic Rules for their own safety. He said that the General public as a whole has to participate in this process and to take responsibility for hassle free movement of Vehicles.

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