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Supreme Reality Parmeshwar is Nirguna Brahma as Cosmic Word OM

More than 3500 years ago entire world was following Vedic Sanatan Dharma. In 1947 about 11 Percent followed Sanatan Dharma and now less than 8%.people follow Sanatan Dharma who consider Vedas as their supreme scriptures, by Faith and majority of these 8% followers are losing conviction in Vedas owing to rise of anti Vedic Gurus, Babas, Ammas, Swamis and others.  We are forgetting It is Vedic Brahmjnan which brought us from the Stone Age to the Modern Age of Civilizations. Revive Vedas truthfully.

Dear Spiritual Brothers and Sisters,


A number of hymns in the Vedas describe God in details. A few hymns can be mentioned for proper understanding of Nirguna Brahma who is the Universal God. Rig Veda 6-15-13 and 14 mentions that He is a pure illuminator, unifier and remover of all miseries, commands all to observe non-violence and other rules of righteousness, which are a-priori principles beyond any sense experience.

Rig-Veda 6-47-18 says that for each form, He is the Model. It is His Forms that are to be seen everywhere, in spiritual and material things. He exists in all animate and inanimate life/things but He is manifest in the human beings where He dwells in their hearts (Sama Veda 860). A similar description that He dwells in the human hearts is also there in Bhagavad-Gita, Srimad Bahgavatam and many other scriptures.

Rig Veda 1-9-5, 6 mentions, “He is the Lord of knowledge, infinite wisdom and material wealth”. He pervades the matter and the whole space (A.V.19-20-2). All the four Vedas describe that Thee and Thy laws (Rta) are the same. Those who follow His laws and commandments can realize Him in one birth. He is unborn (ajo) and incarnation of God as a human being is not visualized (Y.V.34-53, 40-8 and A.V. 10-23-4). He lives within you and you live within Him as one of His tiny living cells. .

The Vedic metaphysics contained in Upanishads tell us that He has no demand for material offerings, donations, blind, proxy and ostentatious worship but wants all the human beings to follow His laws (Rta) of social, moral and physical order and assist him in the maintenance of His Grand wondrous Design. Vedas tell us that all evils, corruption, bribery, naked selfishness and material desires are more rampant with people who do not follow His laws (Rta). Majority of such persons even create pollution of all kinds, environmental hazards, social and economic tensions in society and thus knowingly or unwittingly go against His laws and tend to create social, moral and physical disorder.

Vedas advise open discussions on religion, ethics, morality, divinity, soul, spirit and Prakrti in an assembly where all individuals are advised to participate. This august body in the Vedas is described as Vidhta. Being ineffable, He does not want the human beings to praise Him all the time about His attributes. As Sankracharya said, “even the words recoil to describe Him”. Categories, quantity, quality, colour and words cannot explain Him. Thus Vedas give great importance that we should know and understand Brahman.

He is an impersonal God, impartial and Unmoved Mover but moves the universe in a wondrous design. There are a number of hymns relating to Rta-laws of God, which Brahman observes and follows Himself sternly. He never breaks them and this result in equilibrium in the entire universe. There is a mention that even animals, birds, plants as well as all inanimate things follow these laws. The more you understand and love Him, the more you go away from ostentatious, blind and proxy worship of gods. The inert matter starts disappearing and you start realising that all human beings are spiritual brothers and sisters. Vedic God has only blessings and mercy for all His creation and no curse for His creatures. If an individual is leading a miserable life of stress, it is his/her own creation as the individuals are their own greatest friends and their own enemies.

This brief description is from Chapter 8 of “Glimpses of Vedic Metaphysics” available on Internet for on-line reading and even taking print at no-cost. The book is accessible through google.com or Yahoo.com or lulu.com as well as Website http://www.sabhlokcity.com/metaphysics/.  Please visit my blog http://prem.sabhlokcity.com  for open discussion regarding Vedic metaphysics, Swaraj (self rule) and other subjects.

To strengthen Vedic Sanatan Dharma (eternal religion) kindly render divine social service and forward this e-mail to the seekers of Vedic knowledge.

With kind regards,

Yours Spiritual Brother

Prem .Sabhlok

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