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Spirit of humanism alone can guide society to overcome hate, bitterness: Rana

Shri Shri 108 Swami Gurdeep Giri Ji Maharaj stresses need for social justice

Mathwar, March 01, 2021: Hoping that the people would preach and practice the divine philosophy of love bestowed upon the humanity by saints and sages from time to time, Provincial President National Conference Mr Devender Singh Rana today observed that harmony in the society can be brought about by dealing with fellow human beings with compassion and dignity.

“Selfless messengers of peace have all along strived for creating a society based on universal brotherhood and tranquility”, Mr Rana said at a congregation held at Ranjan in Nagrota Assembly Constituency, adding that this is core of every religion.

Shri Shri 108 Swami Gurdeep Giri Ji Maharaj also addressed the congregation and highlighted the need for social justice and equality, as preached by Guru Ravi Dass Ji to bring about harmony in the society.

Mr Rana said the glorious heritage and legacy of inclusiveness has to be sustained, strengthened and bequeathed to the posterity by spreading the divine message of love, compassion and righteousness. The spirit of humanism alone can guide the society to overcome hate, animosity and bitterness that is pivotal for making this world a better place to live in, he added.

The Provincial President said the life and teachings of Guru Ravi Dass Ji have inspired the generations and helped in transforming the society, making it conducive for various communities, irrespective of cast, creed and colour.  He said Guru Ji emerged as a beacon of light at a time when the society was ridden with hate and discrimination on the basis of caste and creed.  He enumerated the great role played by Guru Ji in ensuring that all segments of the society live with honour and dignity, adding that the relevance of the teaching of the great saint and philosopher assume significance now, as never before.

Paying tributes to great saint and social reformer Guru Ravi Dass Ji, Mr Rana said that best way of to remember the apostle of peace is to take a pledge to follow his teachings in letter and spirit and work for building a society based on the natural principles of social justice, equality, compassion, love and togetherness.

Mr Rana said the spiritual land of India has emanated the message of humanity from times immemorial and guided the humanity to peace, prosperity and spiritual bliss. He urged the devotees, present in the congregation, to spread the message of love, peace and compassion, which, he said is imperative for national integration and promoting inclusiveness across the country and in Jammu and Kashmir. He hoped that everyone will play a role towards growth of classless society based on social justice.

In his discourse at the congregation Shri Shri 108 Swami Gurdeep Giri Ji Maharaj recalled the teachings and contribution of Guru Ravi Dass ji in bringing about change in attitude among the people and said that Guru Ji strived towards social justice during most crucial time of his era.

 “This brought a soothing and a landmark transformation in the society, making it conducive for different segments of the society”, the Guru ji said.

Those present on the occasion included Vijay Lochan, Sarpanch Sanjeev Singh, Ex- Sapranch Mumtaz, Ex- Sarpanch Balbir Singh, Sarpanch Sain Khan, Kabla Singh, Rekha Langeh, Th. Ishar Singh, Kuldeep Singh (Retd ZEO), Tejpal Singh, Dayal Singh(Lucky), Ajay Singh, Arun Singh and others.

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