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Ram belongs to all of us, says Farooq Abdullah in LS

"My workers, ministers were killed because they held on to tricolour"

New Delhi, February 09, 2021: Former J&K chief minister and Conference leader Farooq Abdullah, National while urging the Centre not to consult protesting farmers, Farooq Abdullah said, “I am thankful that 4G services have been restored [in Jammu and Kashmir] farewell to the retiring MPs.
“Please find a solution. We are here to find a solution not to create obstacles,” Farooq Abdullah appealed to Centre.
“A doctor never looks at a blood bottle and asks whether the blood is that of a Hindu or a Muslim. God has made us all the same. You go to a temple, I go to a mosque,” Farooq Abdullah said addressing the Treasury benches in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday.
Farooq Abdullah asserted, “Ram belongs to the whole world. Ram belongs to all of us. The way Muslims have held on to the Quran, the Quran is not just ours.”
Farooq Abdullah went on to claim that not even one of the 50,000 jobs promised to the people of Jammu and Kashmir has been delivered. The tourism sector, industries and shopkeepers in J&K have suffered, he said adding that there is rampant poverty in the UT.
“My workers, ministers were killed because they held on to the tricolour,” Farooq Abdullah said while requesting the Centre to “embrace the people of Kashmir”. He went on to add, “If we want to make India, we must do it together.

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