JL50 actors Abhay Deol and Ritika Anand talk about time travel and their favourite eras

BollywoodLife has caught up with a candid conversation with Abhay Deol and Ritika Anand. They speak about working in a sci-fi thriller like the web show and the challenges of a budget.

One of the most unique web series in recent times has been JL50. The show is a thriller around the concept of time travel. Abhay Deol plays the role of a CBI officer in the show that is based in Kolkata. Ritika Anand is a pilot in the series. In an Exclusive conversation, the two spoke about how challenging it was to make a show like this in a limited budget. Abhay Deol also opened up on how actors were loving the web space. He shared the challenging aspect of shooting in the small alleys of Kumartuoli in Kolkata for the chase sequence with Piyush Mishra. Giving her opinion on the insider-outside debate, she said that people who have a passion for creativity will find a way through.

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