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Install CNG-LPG Crematorium in Jammu to boost eco-friendly Cremation–Balvinder

Jammu, June 05, 2021: Balvinder Singh social activist said that he along with other management Committee members  has  continuously been asking the  UT Administration including JMC Mayor to install electric Crematorium at the earliest at four major Crematorium of Jammu i.e Shastri Nagar, Jogi Gate, Shakti Nagr and Channi Himmat but I am sorry to say that despite been announced by the JMC Mayor, a year ago, that JMC will soon install electric crematorium but till date nothing has been done on the ground for their installation.

Singh said that  some of the officers and politicians have the habit of digging well only after the house catches fire, so they need to change their mind set  Singh said that only one electrical crematorium in J&K installed at Jogi Gate is lying defunct for the last nine year.

Singh further said that government must consider to install CNG-LPG based crematorium in place of electric crematorium , as after searching & enquiring from different crematoriums in the adjoining States, where Electric Crematorium are installed & working, it is found that Gas based Cremation is better option as compared to electric Crematorium. Singh said that Electric Crematorium machine has to keep  running for 24 hours to maintain  the pre heating, which is not possible in Jammu as there took place only three to four cremations daily as compared to Delhi UP and Haryana where there always remains heavy rush for cremation . Whereas  gas Crematorium needs to start only twenty five minutes for pre heating, Electric  cremation Chambers has elements which required high maintenances and low/high voltage  badly affects the element where gas burner has very low maintenance cost.

Balvinder Singh Chairman Shastri Nagar Crematorium along with Bharat Sharma, Suresh Sethi and Resident Welfare Association  members Sh  L M Khajuria Sh Chandra Udaya & Ved Parkash said that  this time in the mid May, we witnessed  the maximum daily cremations count of Covid -19 victims reached to 22 and then there we felt huge shortage of fire wood as we needed 100 to 120 qtls of fire wood daily and some times when forest department failed to meet up the demand then we were forced to buy it from the open market at exorbitant rates and then peoples showed their resentment when they were asked to pay as per the market rates. Singh said every years at least 4000 cremation takes place at these four crematorium of Jammu and each traditional-mode cremation  utilizes 500-600Kg wood. While considering that 4000 cremation in only four crematoriums of Jammu every year, it is estimated 22,000 Qtls  wood is consumed in only four crematoriums of Jammu City. Resulting in huge tree cutting. This initiative of installing Gas Cremation will also help in protecting the environment by reducing the pollution:

Balvinder further said that cremation methods are sensitive cultural issues and greater awareness is needed to encourage increased use of eco-friendly crematoriums may it be CNG/LPG or Electric Crematoriums which may deemed feasible and workable on the ground.

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