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GDC Kargil organizes webinar on World Environment Day, 2021

KARGIL, JUNE 06, 2021: Department of Botany, Government Degree College (GDC), Kargil organised an online webinar entitled Environment and Health in connection with the World Environment Day, 2021 here on Saturday.

Professor N. B. Singh, Plant Physiology Laboratory, Department of Botany, University of Allahabad, Prayagraj was the resource person on the occasion while Dr Amina Quari, Principal, GDC, Kargil and Dr Ajay Singh, Nehru Gram Baharati University (Deemed to be University), Pryagraj were chief patron and patron respectively.

At the initial stage of program, some news clips of resource person were played to the audience. The clips highlighted the love of the resource person to nature and his efforts in combating global warming. Dr. Ajay Singh introduced the resource person and his achievements to the audience

In his address Dr Ajay Singh said that Professor N.B Singh has never purchased any vehicle to protect the environment and he uses his bicycle to go to the University besides after taking the charge of Gardens, University of Allahabad, he has planted more than 5 lakh trees in the campus and its vicinity. He has his own nursery farming and distributes free saplings to the public and needy people every year.

Professor N.B Singh while presenting the keynote talk on importance of plants briefed about global warming due to anthropogenic activities by giving several examples which the earth is facing now a days. He also highlighted the role of students in restoring the environment and suggested to gift plant saplings on birthdays of their near and dear ones, adding he urged all the participants to plant more and more tress in coming days to mark their identity of existence on earth by quoting his famous slogan “Tress are signatures and put your signature on earth”.

While highlighting the importance and meaning of green colour (happiness and hope) he stressed and advised the participants to be green and buy green. He also urged the students to take pledge to restore and recreate the ecosystem of Kargil and assured that he and his team shall visit GDC Kargil to give hands on training to the students in identifying the medicinal plants and importance of endemic plants to natural ecosystem.

More than 100 students along with faculty members participated in the programme.

At the end, Dr Sonam Tamchos presented the vote of thanks while the proceedings of the programme were conducted by Dr Imtiyaz Hussain.

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