Crime Branch Jammu books Corrupt Cop.

Jammu, February 18, 2021:Crime Branch Jammu registered a criminal case against SGCT. Ravi Kumar of Armed Range Office Jammu under the relevant provisions of law for his involvement in fraudulent drawl Rs. 5, 53,695 on account of fake medical bills produced by him fraudulently for  the treatment of his dead father.

Brief facts of the case are that a communication of dated 04.02.2021 received from Zonal Armed Police Headquarters Jammu revealed that after the scrutiny of a medical reimbursement claim of Rs. 1,92,553/- preferred by SGCT.Ravi Kumar No.50/AROJ, PID No. ARP-012591 on account of medical expenses claimed by him on the treatment of his ailing father namely, Prem Dass, it has manifested that the bills in question were based on the fake and fictitious claim, as the father of the official had already expired in the year- 2016. The said official with criminal intention had managed fictitious vouchers by concealing the death of his father with an aim to defraud the department and draw the money from the Govt. exchequer by fraudulent means. In this regard, preliminary verification was conducted, which revealed that the father of the said official has expired in the Year 2016, but the said individual official on the basis of fake and fraudulent documents was cheating the Department to draw huge amount illegally from the Government exchequer intentionally by producing fake bills after the death of his father. In this process, the said individual has drawn an amount of Rs.5,53,695/- fraudulently from the office of Armed Range Office Jammu. Moreover, it has also learnt that the said individual has similarly drawn huge amounts by producing fake and fraudulent vouchers in the name of his father from the places of his earlier postings. In view of above mentioned facts, Zonal Armed Police Hqrs. Jammu has requested Crime Branch that a formal case as warranted under the relevant sections of law may be registered against the said delinquent official so as to ascertain the truth and the amounts fraudulently drawn by the said individual.

Accordingly, a formal case is registered in P/S Crime Branch, Jammu against the above mentioned Police official for in-depth investigation.

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