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Ch. Zulfikar Ali urges LG to get 2 sanctioned oxygen plants operationalized in Rajouri

Seeks audit of covid19 deaths in hospitals of J&K

RAJOURI, May 18, 2021: Seeking audit of large scale covid deaths in hospitals of J&K, Apni Party, Vice President, and Former Minister Choudhary Zulfikar Ali today criticized the Health Dept for its failure to operationalization two already sanctioned oxygen plants in Rajouri district which has worse affect in catering the covid patients in recent scenario.

In his statement to the press, Ch. Zulfikar Ali said that the inability of the Health Dept has made the people suffer and the deaths have occurred because of poor management and facilities to deal with the virus.

He said that “Daily number of deaths in Rajouri is a cause of concern for all especially when the 3000 capacity Oxygen Plant was sanctioned for Rajouri District which was expected to cater the need of approximately 150 – 200 patients.”

“Unfortunately, only 1 unit with 1000 capacity could be operationalized to cater need of 50-60 patients and two other such units with 2000 capacity, which can cater 100-130 more patients is still not made functional when the pandemic is at its peak,” he said expressing serious concern over growing number of deaths due to covid.

He urged the Lt Governor Manoj Sinha to get the two already sanctioned oxygen plants operationalized as early as possible. He also sought attention of the Deputy Commissioner, Rajouri and Health Dept towards the situation so that the casualties can be contained.

He again said that the Govt must conduct an audit of large scale casualties of young, children and patients with no comorbidity and take necessary measures to contain the casualties.

“They must provide proper medical care facilities in the new Medical Colleges and District Hospitals with adequate trained staff to handle and care for the critically ill patients and well equipped ICUs,” he said.

He said that the so-called ICUs and unutilized ventilator (brought under PM Care) can’t save the lives of 1/3 of the people. Proper accountability of the institutions must be fixed.

“Within the erstwhile State, we have observed that the mortality in some parts is half as compared to Jammu and Rajouri with more covid cases. Govt should ensure the full utilization of the senior medical professionals as the condition are extraordinary and needs more focused action,” he suggested.

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