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AIKPC Advocacy Leads to Resolution of Ration Coupon Issue for Displaced Kashmiri Pandits

Ration Coupon Issue for Displaced Kashmiri Pandits Resolved After Chief Secretary's Intervention

Kuldeep Kashmiri presenting his book, “Silent Cries,” to Chief Secretary Dulloo

Jammu, April 18, 2024: Following weeks of advocacy and dialogue, a delegation of Kashmiri Pandit leaders, spearheaded by Kuldeep Kashmiri, Working President of the All India Kashmiri Pandit Conference (AIKPC), successfully secured a resolution to the pressing issue of ration coupon distribution for displaced community members. The breakthrough came after a crucial meeting with Chief Secretary Atal Dulloo, who demonstrated swift action and attentiveness to the community’s concerns.

The delegation, comprising prominent figures like Comrade Mohan Lal Raina (AIKPC Coordinator), Sunil Pandita and Bharat Kachroo (Senior Social Activists), HL Pandita (Senior Congress Leader), and Ravinder Koul (President of Overaged Relief Holders Association), had been actively engaging with the Relief and Rehabilitation Commissioner to address the challenges faced by displaced Kashmiri Pandits regarding ration slip issuance.

During the meeting with Chief Secretary Dulloo, the delegation emphasized the need for a return to the yearly distribution system for ration slips, as opposed to the recently implemented monthly system which had caused significant inconvenience.

Demonstrating a commendable commitment to resolving the issue, Chief Secretary Dulloo promptly issued directives to ensure the continuation of the yearly ration slip distribution process, as advocated by the delegation. This decisive action was met with gratitude and appreciation from the community leaders and members who had tirelessly supported the efforts to address this concern.

“The resolution of the ration coupon issue stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts between the community leaders and the government, showcasing a commitment to addressing the concerns of the displaced Kashmiri pandits,” stated a representative of the AIKPC.

The meeting also provided an opportunity for Kuldeep Kashmiri to present his book, “Silent Cries,” to Chief Secretary Dulloo. The book sheds light on the hardships faced by the community during their exodus and offers valuable perspectives and recommendations for the future.

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