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Acute water scarcity in Sainik Colony: Namrta

Jammu, May 23, 2021: Namrta Sharma, Apni Party, Provincial President, Women Wing has condemned the Jal Shakti Dept for its failure to supply drinking water in two wards of Sainik Colony in Jammu.

Namrta said that the people in ward No. 69 and ward No. 70 have been put to unnecessary inconvenience as drinking water is not being supplied in routine.

“There is a gap of 6 to 8 days and every day, the people have to suffer. The dearth of drinking water in the present covid situation has worsened the situation and people are made to buy drinking water from the private operators of water tankers for Rs 1200 per tanker and it is injustice with the people,” said Namrta.

Namrta said that the people are not only suffering due to the scarcity of drinking water but the Dept’s failure has overburdened them financially.

“It seems that the officials in Jal Shakti Dept. have deliberately created water crises for people to benefit the water tanker operators,” Namrta added.

Is it possible for the common man to daily buy a tanker for Rs 1200? There are numerous complaints and no one is listening to them. The officials do not resolve the problems in supplying routine drinking water to the people. There is no accountability nor the officials realize their responsibility towards the people, said Namrta.

Namrta said that the nexus of water tankers and officials in Jal Shakti have stressed the people in the covid situation when people have lost their jobs.

“You go to them and nothing will happen. They assure that problems will be resolved but they continue with their routine. If the pumping stations become defunct, it takes them weeks to do repair work at the cost of the suffering of the people,” said Namrta.

Namrta said that the Dept. should make the field officials accountable and answerable. “There should be a complaint redressal mechanism in Jal Shakti Dept. The complaints must be redressed within a time frame. If the complaints remain unsolved, the concerned official should be punished as per the rules,” said Namrta.

Namrta warned the Jal Shakti Dept. to regularize the drinking water supply in Sainik Colony and don’t force people to come out on the roads.

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