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Will Stay Away from Delimitation Process- PDP Writes to Delimitation Commission  

SRINAGAR, JULY 06, 2021 : Before the arrival of the Delimitation Commission in Jammu Kashmir, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has written a detailed letter to Justice Ranjana Prakash Desai, the Head of the Commission.

The letter has been penned down by General Secretary Ghulam Nabi Lone Hanjura on behalf of the party

The letter reads: “On 5th of August 2019, the constitutional and democratic values of our country were trampled upon with the people of Jammu Kashmir being robbed of their legitimate constitutional & democratic rights by means of abrogation of Article 370 and 35 (A) of the Indian constitution, illegally and unconstitutionally. The day also saw the people of Jammu Kashmir being humiliated and demeaned by downgrading & bifurcation of an almost 200-year-old state, an act, with no precedence in the Independent India.”

 “The Reorganization Act being a product of the same process, we are of the considered opinion that the Delimitation Commission lacks constitutional and legal mandate in the first place and its very existence and objectives have left every ordinary resident of Jammu Kashmir with many questions.”

 “There are apprehensions that the delimitation exercise is part of the overall process of political disempowerment of the people of Jammu Kashmir that the Government of India has embarked on. At the very core of these apprehensions is the process through which the commission has been constituted and the fact that while the delimitation process across the country has been put on hold till 2026, J&K has been made an exception.”

 “There are also apprehensions that the process is aimed at realizing the political vision of a particular political party in Jammu Kashmir, wherein, like other things, the views and wishes of the people of Jammu Kashmir would be considered the least,” it reads. “It is a widespread belief that contours & outcome of the exercise hare pre-planned and the exercise per say is mere formality. The very intent is under question.”

The letter further reads: “Taking this opportunity, we would like to put on record that despite the utter humiliation of the people of Jammu Kashmir, undermining of our constitutional and democratic rights, vilification and incarceration of political leadership and ordinary citizens, when the Honorable Prime Minister convened an all-party meeting in New Delhi on 24th of June, we didn’t let our hurt come in way of what could have been an initiation of a reconciliation process aimed at restoring the rights of people of Jammu Kashmir. Hence, we participated in the meeting.”

 “In the meeting we emphasized on the need to reach out to the people of Jammu Kashmir and suggested specific confidence building measures that could lead to breaking the ice in the process of addressing the massive trust deficit between New Delhi and Jammu Kashmir.”

 “We are disappointed to see that after the all party meeting nothing has moved and no effort has been made to bring ease into the lives of people, giving credence to those, who had in the first instance, called the meeting a mere photo opportunity.”

 “Leave aside acting on the suggested confidence building measures, the Government of India has continued with its daily dictates to the people of Jammu Kashmir including the recent amendments and orders including those making every person a suspect (government employees antecedents verification order) and deepening the divide between two regions of Jammu Kashmir (the order related to Darbar move),” it reads.

“In view of above mentioned facts and issues, our party has decided to stay away from this process and not be part of some exercise, the outcome which is widely believed to be pre-planned & which may further hurt the interests of our people,” the letter reads. (PTK)

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