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Weavers and Artisans(Jammu Rural) hold meet

Jammu, March 03, 2021: A meeting of office bearers of weavers and artisans Jammu Ruler Distt was organised by the Convenor Jammu Ruler Sh Deepak Sharma.Convenor  Akhnoor Smt Rekha Sharma special invitee along with Rajesh Kumar from Doda .

The meeting was chaired by the state Convenor Sh Balkrishen koul who spoke  on organizational structure to be adopted  at District , mandal ,Block and panchayat level weavers and artisans units so that organisation structure  goes down  to  lower    leve of workers.

At the same time  partisepants were called upon to give final shape to weavers and artisans bodyies and submitthis list to the state Convenor before 5 March . Here again some prominent issues which weavers and artisans cell has been raising time and again were raised by the participants . They showed concern for delay in establishing theJammu Urban Hatt, improvisation of Jammu Hatt at Jewel chowk, establishment of weavers service center at Jammu.

These issues have been raised vehently by weavers and artisans cell time and again but Government did nothing worthwhile .The participants were informed tha National convenor BJPweavers and artisans and chairman of khadi and gram udyog are paying visit to this state . convenors must keep themselves ready to interface with them with their issues and proposals. The meeting was held in serene environment of Raipur Thathar where participants express ed themselves elibrately

The participants are Kaku singh ,Anu,Rani Devi,Smt Ajay Sharma , Sushma Rani ,R.L.Chodhry and Incharge Ruler Distt Madam Surishta, brought before abject; Condition of Jammu weavers and artisans due to pandamic . They have to fen for them selves with meager resources they have to sustain The financial asstance which the P.M.anounced for pendamic effected lower class, labours and artisans have not reached  them so for in this state.


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