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Vomedh Organizes 3rd Edition of ‘Pagah’ to commemorate the International Mother Tongue Day

Rohit Bhat welcoming Dr Arvind Karwani

Jammu, February 21, 2024: Vomedh, in collaboration with the Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Art, Culture, and Languages (JKAACL), today presented the 3rd Edition of the ‘Pagah’ Theatre Festival, commemorating International Mother Language Day 2024.

The event, held at the Writers Club in the Abhinav Theatre Complex, witnessed esteemed dignitaries and prominent figures from the cultural sphere. Chief Guest Arvind Karwani (JKAS), Relief and Rehabilitation Commissioner (Migrants), graced the occasion, alongside Guest of Honour Bharat Singh Manhas (JKAS), Secretary of JKAACL. Special Guest, well-known social activist MK Yogi, and Dr Shahnawaz, Cultural Officer JKAACL, added to the prestigious lineup.

Key Speakers Brij Nath Betab and Bal Krishan Sanyasi, esteemed literary figures, illuminated the audience with profound insights into the imperative task of preserving one’s mother tongue and the profound significance of International Mother Language Day.

MK Yogi being welcomed

Drawing from their extensive literary backgrounds, they delved into the intricate nuances of language preservation, emphasizing its role in safeguarding cultural identity and fostering mutual understanding among diverse communities.

Their erudite discourse not only shed light on the importance of linguistic diversity but also underscored the universal values of unity in diversity, resonating deeply with the audience and inspiring collective action towards linguistic preservation and appreciation.

Bal Krishan Sanyasi being awarded
Dr Amar Malmohi being awarded

On the occasion Bal Krishan Sanyasi and Dr Amar Malmohi were conferred with the esteemed Master Zinda Koul Award by Vomedh for their significant contributions to the upliftment of the Kashmiri language.

The festival showcased a rich tapestry of artistic expressions, including a poetry session featuring Pitambar Razdan, Dr. Ramesh Nirash, and Tej Krishan Raina ‘Khamosh’, alongside Kusum Dhar and Nancy Chetna, Dr Amar Malmohi,

Renowned stand-up comedian Anil Chingari brought laughter with his comedic performance, while a singing session by Rajesh Khar and his troupe added musical charm to the event.

Reflecting on the festival’s success, Rakesh Roshan Bhat, Festival Director of Vomedh, expressed gratitude, stating, ” Once more, the Pagah Theatre Festival has exceeded our expectations, offering a stage for the diverse artistic expressions of Kashmir. We are immensely proud to acknowledge the significant contributions of Bal Krishan Sanyasi, Dr Amar Malmohi and extend our heartfelt appreciation to all participating groups for their exceptional performances.”

Rohit Bhat, Festival Director and Founder/President of Vomedh, echoed the sentiment, adding, ” The tremendous backing from our audience and the attendance of esteemed guests have undeniably contributed to the remarkable success of this festival. It has been an honour to experience the celebration of our cultural heritage through various mediums such as theatre, literature, music, and fine arts. We sincerely express our gratitude to everyone who has played a part in making this event a success.”

King C Bharati welcoming Dr Shahnawaz

The ‘Pagah’ Theatre Festival continues to serve as a beacon of cultural celebration, uniting communities and fostering appreciation for linguistic diversity.

The prominent persons who graced the occasion include Shiban Khyaibri, Avtar Krishan Naaz, Avtar Hugami. PN Shad and Hasrat Gadda, Santosh Nadaan, Anil Bhat and others.

The event was compered by renowned writer, actor and playwright Vijay Wali with welcome address by Rohit Bhat, president Vomedh and vote of thanks by renowned journalist and social activist King C Bharati.

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