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Vaccination drive slows down in Jammu’s Old City: Vikram Malhotra

Stopping of Darbar Move may adversely affect business, common masses in Jammu

Jammu, July 04, 2021: Apni Party, General Secretary, Vikram Malhotra today has said that the vaccination drive has slowed down in Jammu City ahead of anticipated third way of covid19.

In a statement to the press, Malhotra said that the vaccination drive has slowed down and it is not reaching the common masses in both rural as well as urban areas of Jammu.

“There are a lot of gaps between urban and rural vaccination and most of the people in Old City of Jammu have no access to the vaccination,” said Malhotra.

He was speaking at a function organised at ward number 6 and ward number 7 in Jammu East in which a large number of people joined the Apni Party. In this function, people from Rajeev Nagar also joined the Party.

State OBC Coordinator Madan Lal Chalotra, Vijay Magotra, Raj Sharma, Sanjay Kumar, Amarjeet, Ashwani, Kundan Lal, Prikshit Shagotra, and other party leaders were also present on the occasion.

Welcoming the new comers into the Party, he appealed to the Govt. to ensure vaccination for all the people without discrimination.

“The Health Dept. should prepare itself and vaccinate all the people without delay before the third wave,” he said.

Expressing concern, he said that the businessmen of Jammu and common people may adversely be affected with the decision to end the Darbar Move.

“This practice has helped the people of both the regions to learn about each other and develop coordinal relations. Due to the Darbar Move, people were able to understand each-other’s culture which has ended abruptly without consultation,” said Vikram Malhotra.

He said that the decision may cost the business of Jammu adversely. He said that the business is already down in Jammu and this decision has snatched a hope from the traders.

Speaking on the occasion, State OBC Coordinator Madan Lal Chalotra said that Darbar Move to Jammu had helped the people in general and business community in particular.

“The economic activities would increase with the darbar move. But the decision seems to have been taken without consultation of the stakeholders. Therefore, the business community is worried in Jammu.”

Meanwhile, Ghulam Nabi Shah had organised the joining programme. In his address, Shah said that the people are joining the Apni Party with a hope that it would represent them and become the voice of voiceless and unrepresented people.

“The political parties have made false and hollow slogans with them and did nothing for their development,” he added.

In this programme, many people joined the Party which includes Rohit Kumar, Rohit Sharma, Rohit Khokhar, Balram Sahu, Om Kant Sharma, Rockey Singh, Rahul Kumar, Shubam Sharma, Amit Sharma, Bachan Lal, Hand Raj, Jamwal Din, Rajat Sharma, Rakesh Verma, Gulam Ahmed Khan, Ashok Kumar, Golu Verma, Dr Nirmal Singh, Abdul Rashid Wani, Sajad Ahmed Khan, Baby, Sita, Saleema Begum, Rubina, Salima Shankutla, Mohd Shafi Shah, and others.

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