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UT Administration Ladakh sets record

Kargil-Zanskar Highway cleared for traffic movement in mid January

Kargil, January 15, 2021: In order to ease the problems of the people of Zanskar Sub Division, the Administration of Union Territory (UT) of Ladakh has set an example by re-opening the Kargil-Zanskar National Highway NH-301 for vehicular movement in mid January which is a record in itself.

After dedicated efforts by the District Administration Kargil to clear heavy snow accumulated on the highway despite challenging conditions and freezing temperature, the highway was re-connected yesterday evening.

The team of Mechanical Division, Kargil including engineers and laborers have put in exemplary efforts in ensuring the re-opening of the highway which was closed for vehicular movement due to heavy snowfall during the first week this month.

Meanwhile, according to the Police Control Room (PCR), Kargil 11 vehicles from Kargil side have been allowed to move towards Zanskar this morning which have already crossed Rangdum.

Pertinently, since the formation of Ladakh as a separate Union Territory, the UT Administration has broken all records of the past by ensuring the re-opening of the Kargil-Zanskar highway for the first time in mid January by putting in all possible efforts—(KNO)

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