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To solve problem of oxygen, Peepal Baba started Hariyali Homes campaign

"Seeds and organic manure are being sent to every house"

Jammu, May 30, 2021: On the lines of Green Revolution and White Revolution, the next module of Hariyali Revolution is running after the second wave of covid-19 across the country, the famous environmental Peepal baba’s worker, start running Hariyali Holmes campaign.

Hariyali Holmes is the next module of Hariyali Revolution. Under this, people are being motivated to plant oxygen-giving plants in their homes by training and providing seed manure. This campaign has been launched in Delhi and NCR by the team of Peepal Baba. Anyone who wants to develop Hariyali Homes can send their address and mobile number by mail to [email protected].

Peepal Baba’s Hariyali Kranti team will go to there and provide training for developing greenery homes, compost and seeds of oxygen-giving plants are going to be given for free.

Chief Strategist of Hariyali Kranti Abhiyan, Badrinath says that this campaign started in NCR will be run slowly in every part of the country and people will be motivated to build Hariyali Homes.

After the second wave of Covid-19, the situation changed severely, there was widespread fear in the minds of the people. There was a shortage of oxygen and beds in the country’s hospitals.

In such a situation, the debate over the continuous supply of oxygen in the country broke out. There have also been reports from many places that where people could not get oxygen, at many places people have sheltered under the Peepal tree. At the same time, Peepala Baba gave the slogan “Prepare for the future”

If plants of low altitude oxygen are planted in every house of the country, then of course the immunity potential of all the people of the country will become very strong, such viruses will have very little effect. If every household takes the resolution to do this and completes the task of building greenery homes, then the health budget in the country can be reduced by up to 70%. (PTK)

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