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Terrorist Sher Ali of Dhargloon, Mendhar, Poonch arrested by District Police at Jammu Airport  

Jammu, February 17, 2021 :  Sher Ali is the main coordinator and facilitator of terrorist activities of various terrorist groups involving facilitating infiltration of terrorists, smuggling of arms and ammunition, narcotics from POJK to Indian Territory from Balakote area of Poonch district. He has been arrested in connection with case FIR No. 292/2020 P/S Mendhar and is also involved in many other cases of district Poonch.

Sitting aboard,  Sher Ali was involved in sending two Pakistan terrorists from Dabbi area of Balakote Sector on 24/25 of Nov. 2020 at the behest of Pakstani handler @ Sultan.  The two terrorists of JK Gazanavi force were later killed in an encounter on 13th of December-2020 in Poshana area of Surankote.

Sher Ali also smuggled arms and ammunition which included 3 pistols and 1 IED besides other ammunition through Balakote Sector in Mendhar district Poonch.  The receiver of these Arms and ammunition namely Mushtaq Ahmed (father of Sher Ali) and Raskeem Akhter (sister of Sher Ali) were arrested by Poonch Police on 11-9-2020 and FIR was registered at P/S Mendher in this regard.

So-far 05 OGWs namely 1/- Mushtafa R/O Kandi Galuta, 2/- Mohd Yaseen R/O Dabbi Balakote, 3/- Younis 4/- Irfan  and 5/- Raskeem have been arrested who were involved in the terror network led by Sher Ali.

Sher Ali was also involved in drug smuggling along with smuggling of arms and ammunitions and 2 Kgs heroine worth approximately Rs 8 crores in the international market were also recovered from this terror network which was meant to be used for terror financing. So-far from this network 05 Pistols, 13 grenades and one live IED has been recovered.  Further investigation is in progress.

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