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SSP Srinagar holds counselling session with youth and their parents at Rainawari

Srinagar, April 5, 2021: In a bid to find means to prevent recurrence of violent incidents in the future, Police in Srinagar held a counselling session at Rainawari.

The counselling session was attended by SSP Srinagar Shri Sandeep Choudhary-IPS, while as SP North, SDPO Khanyar and other senior officers were also present.

While speaking on the occasion, SSP Srinagar urged the parents to guide their wards in proper manner to become law abiding citizens. He further added that the young boys have got a very long life ahead of them and they should not waste their opportunities of a better life by engaging in hooliganism and stone-pelting.

More than a dozen boys were counselled to concentrate on their studies to build their futures and ensure a better life for themselves and their parents.

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