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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Lauds Indian Businesses, Says Corporations Need Inner Strength Which Spirituality Provides

Spritualism is now synonymous with comfort and businesses are there to bring comfort to people, notes Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar notes that Indian corporations do need inner strength, and spirituality gives the much needed inner, intuitive ability, and strength to bear the tough times. “So in this sense, spirituality, or meditation can help corporations in a big, big way,” said Sri Sri speaking to BW Businessworld exclusively.

On how corporates can blend commercialization and spiritualism, Sri Sri notes that spiritualism and the commercial aspects are not against each other. “Safe business and spirituality go hand in hand. Of course, if there is an unfair business, and unethical business, then you can’t combine spirituality with it, it is impossible.”

Sri Sri also points out that managers have to balance the material and spiritual life. Pointing out that many years ago, nobody used a yoga pose as an advertisement for comfort, Sri Sri notes that “Today, spirituality is synonymous with comfort, and businesses are there only to bring comfort to people.”

For the youngsters trying to achieve a work life balance Sri Sri advices that youngsters will gain time with just 20 minutes of meditation: “I would say youngsters will gain time, when there is so much to do and so little time, and no energy, just take 20 minutes and do meditation, and you will gain 4-5 extra hours in your life. You will feel so energetic to do whatever you want to do, and your focus will be very good,” he avers.

Over the last many years, the Art of Living Foundation has been offering many courses in different countries that are being offered for different management and worker cadres. Says Sri Sri: “We have developed 57 different types of courses. We have got programs for business leaders, top management, middle management, and the worker levels, and it is being offered the world over. In US alone, in 48 universities our programs are being offered. This is something that will bring in more creativity and energy.”

Speaking on to Indian businessmen should imbibe in their journey for growth for the future Sri Sri notes that the Indian businessmen are very fortunate. “They have heritage and wealth of knowledge with them. Don’t underestimate that. Second, Indian business are very family bound, and you need to preserve the family values. Third, there’s plenty of opportunity and good will for you. India is known as a spiritual country therefore there is lot of expectations from Indian business to walk ethical and safe business in the world.”

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