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Sikh Progressive Front condemns love Jihad incidence in Kashmir

Jammu, June 27, 2021: Today in an emergent convened  meeting  Sikh Progressive Front Jammu  condemn the act of forced love jehad incident  wherein two young girls belonging to the Sikh community living in Kashmir were forcibly converted and groomed to marry a non Sikh in valley .

The meeting was attended by the President of the Sikh Progressive Front and a prominent RTI activist S.Balvinder Singh, General Secretary S.Manjit Singh, Joint Secretary S Rajinder Singh Soodan , S Sharanjit Singh, S .T.P.Singh and others .

Condemning the act S.Balvinder Singh said that the forcible marriage has no legal sanctity and is an attempt to harm the interest and safety of the minority community, adding that it is nefarious design to create a wedge between the two communities which have been living in harmony since centuries .

Mr Singh Said that When Pulwama happened many Kashmiri students studying across different states started facing threat to their life. Many Sikh organisations like Khalsa Aid came forward and provided all these students with a safe passage to their homes. A Sikh hotelier in Pune arranged the flight for 32 Kashmiri Girls and got them home safely. But when today young Kashmiri Sikh girls are being abducted, groomed to marry a non-Sikh and then forcefully converted, the entire region has maintained a cold silence and is acting as if they are also the collaborators and facilitators in these incidents of forceful conversions.

The President Sikh Progressive Front urged upon the Lt Governor of JK UT to bring  Uttar Pradesh like   anti conversion law, which are having stringent provisions against forcible conversion through marriage or allurement,  to curb the spread of Love Jehad in JKUT  so that  such incidents do not occur in future and the peaceful atmosphere is maintained.

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