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Sangarsh Movement raises  concern over the collapse of basic front foundation wall of GMC Rajouri

Extends full support to General public for raising issue over the location of the cardinal building and the construction material used

Appeals LG J&K UT Manoj Sinha to Intervene and initiate a high level impartial probe
Rajouri, July 12, 2021: Sangarsh – A civic movement for Justice, Equality, Peace, Prosperity and Brotherhood has shown it’s acute concern over the collapse of basic front foundation wall of GMC Rajouri. It is pertinent to mention that the foundation wall of the under-construction GMC Rajouri  building at Mehraa near Khandli Bridge, Rajouri collapsed  claiming the life of an elderly man.
General Secretary of the movement Dr. Suresh Sangarshi claimed that the matter has raised a serious question mark over the choice of the location of the ambitious multi-billion project. It is important to mention that the structure was raised over a mountainous terrain, far off from the Main Rajouri Town even when plethora of plain locations were available, that too at a very quickly reachable distance from the main town, Suresh added.
Manir Mirza, Vice Chairman of Sangarsh movement strongly insisted that the aspect needs a thorough investigation.
Manir said the issue has also raised apprehensions of usage of substandard material into the project. On a closer look of the collapsed structure, it is very plausible that the rest of the foundation is also on the verge of collapse, he added. Manir further appealed LG J&K UT Manoj Sinha to Intervene and initiate a high level impartial probe as there is an evident  apprehension of wrong doings involving big wigs in this whole project since it’s inception.
Spokesperson of the movement Adv. Priya Sharma critically acclaimed that the main building is at a very close distance from the collapsed structure and it seems that the main building was saved by a whisker. Adv. Priya focused that it needs to be seen whether the thickness of the foundation wall was as per the approved plan or not and was it capable of bearing the load?
Adv. Priya reflected that the major sigh of relief is that the College was not operational. What if the College had been operational. It is beyond doubt that the structure collapse would have claimed much larger number of innocent lives.
Shazima Charak, Joint Secretary stated that the role of stakeholders is doubtful in this issue. Some questions need  genuine and logical anwers-
*Why was such a mountainous location chosen for such an important multi billion project?*
*Even a single penny of the Govt. is public money, generated from the taxes leveid on the public.* *Is this public money so easily susceptible to be misused?*
*Are the lives of the common men cheap in our country?*

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