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Samba gang-rape case solved, 3 arrested

Srinagar, January 23, 2021: The rape case of a 65 year old woman in Samba which happened on 12th January has been solved by the District Police Samba.
 According to Police, 3 culprits of the mishap have been taken in custody and a black bolero car involved in the case has been recovered.
SSP Rajesh Sharma, about the case said “We got to know about the incident when a written complaint was filed in the Police Station about the woman and the rape. It was a gang rape where men assaulted the woman by turns. A medical test of the woman was immediately conducted. Then, a special team was formed under SGPO Vijaypur since it was a blind case.
 Every single person was assigned a specific duty. The main aim was to get hold of the culprits and then investigate more about it.”
“We checked all the possible CCTV footages of the area, got the details of mobile towers whether any call activity was made during that period of time. As the black bolero car was known, the owner needed to be figured out. Since, the car was without number plate, we contacted all the Mahindra workshops nearby, asked all the ERTOs of Jammu District, Kathua District and Samba District for the details. In fact, people were freely told to give us the details about any black Bolero they see near them. Combining all these efforts, we got hold of the culprits.”
Sharma added that this was the first step of the solved case and more culprits could be attached to the case. “Till now 3 people have been taken in the custody. However, more people can be related to the case. We need to find what sort of involvement is there. As per the investigation till now, it has been found that the woman wasn’t the target. She had just fell prey to the trap of those boys.”
SSP said that the case was a tough one as the culprits were totally different from the expected ones. He also advised people to stay alert and be cautious.
“The case was blind and tough. The culprits were totally different from the suspects. We were expecting people with past records or some hard core criminals but as the investigation continued, the culprits came out to be the ones we weren’t aware of. People need to be aware about what’s happening in the society. Self care is advised. Everyone should be alert and secure themselves. However, if any mishap happens by chance, they should report to the Police Station as soon as possible. Police is always ready for help.”
Sharma ensured that the two culprits who were still away from Police’s hands would be caught soon and the case would be closed. “We are trying our level best to end the case and find the two culprits left. From the very first day we are fighting for the woman’s justice and very soon she will get it.” (PTK)

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