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Replace virtual learning with micro-schooling for kids, Kadfeen urges Govt.

Srinagar, June 01, 2021:  Congress leader Kadfeen Choudhary on Tuesday has pitched for the micro-schooling in Jammu and Kashmir in order to ease the burden on online learning being imparted to kids as old as six years old.

Kaden said that the government must come up with a long-term strategy to end the menace called online learning for school-going kids. He said that such a mode of learning is prone to more risks than rewards as it exposes children to severe health risks and leaves their minds in an absolutely wrecked state.

Kadfeen said that for kids as young as six or seven years old, micro-level schooling can be introduced and that the parents can play a vital role in such an initiative.  There can also be family schooling by virtue of which kids who reside in close proximity to each other can avail education together. Various researches conducted across the globe have shown that homeschooling or micro-level education is far better than what is being introduced in the name of online learning.  “Such measures will provide a safe environment for students to ask questions and to be social with their friends and feel like they’re part of something, whereas the online virtual school, they are home, doing class with their friends who are clearly not with them or not in the same room,”  Kadfeen said.

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