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Religion Can be key of Happiness

By Lalit Garg

Today religion is being considered as a commodity, it is being sold and marketed. Religion is starting to get away from its true character because of which we cannot discover the light within us. As a result, we are scared and apprehensive all the time. Our love or anger is all becoming artificial. In the desire to get along with others, it is becoming difficult to spend some time with yourself. Despite working day and night, our work does not give happiness. All this is the result of the changing nature of Religion.

The thought of Lord Mahavira is true – Dhammo Shuddhas Chittai. Religion resides in the pure soul, and another name for the pure soul is finding your pleasant nature. This is a revolution of continuous personal development. There is no one else but himself responsible for the success of life, failure, sorrow and happiness. The important stage of religion is to understand what Right is and what is wrong. This development of fair vision is a sign of successful and meaningful life, not just liberation. The learning from Mahatma Gandhi’s Visual Metaphor of the three monkeys conveys the true meaning of religion- ‘See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’.

Now it seems that some words, some good deeds are just worthy of being embedded in the golden frame, not the object of grace, but of behavior. Religion is the idea of seeing the world from a holy perspective, a window of pure air and light. A prolific writer and biochemist Isaac Asimov once said, ‘Our assumptions are our windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in.”

Like scientists, the masters of spirituality also discovered eternal laws. Today scientific discoveries are going on, but the door to find rules in the field of religion is shut. This is the root cause of the problem. The problems of the present are therefore not absorbed by religion. Religion cannot be made effective and executive by disarming it. Be it religion, or object, we look at things in two ways. Sometimes we carry a look of love and sometimes fear. Our entire thinking changes as the lens changes. Writer and speaker Gabriel Bernstein says, “We are not responsible for what our eyes see?” We are responsible for how we adopt it.’

Unless there is an evolution in the consciousness of the person, it is difficult to change the person and the social system. We should consider all the problems afresh and find solutions. Till the time the remedy is not discovered and we do not understand the demand of the era, neither the religion will become glorious, nor the religious will become glorious, only the trade of words will continue.

We must keep in mind that every seed has its own potential. Some things are out of our control and some are based on our own decisions. Connecting your decisions with your nature and real religion is the way to lasting happiness. For which it is necessary to know one. Fat-thin, dark-white, introverted and extroverted, all have their own strengths. But, the problem is that we do not give time to ourselves in our desire to know others and to look into the field of others. Claire Hogson says -“If you are unhappy with parts of your life – if you are suffering from stress, illness and feel generally uneasy in everyday life then look into yourself. Ask what is important for me? Working your life by recognizing our natural values never disappoints”. But the real identity of life has started to get hampered as religion has become a profession. Because fraud in the commodity market and religion market has increased a lot, there is a need to be cautious in both places. Identification of what’s real and fake is needed. Whenever there are talks of money between Religion and Religious, understand that there is a deal. Now it is up to you whether you try to buy religion by considering it as a commodity or try to live it as a conduct? We need to be careful about religion.

Religion is uninterrupted; it is free from all Colors, caste, sect and creed. Even though we have divided it into temples, gurudwaras, mosques, churches, it is an unbroken one. Religion never binds to principles, rituals, customs, and traditions. That is why an atheist who does not believe in God also respects moral values in life, has faith in Good and dares to fight against Evils. He also knows that religion cannot be separated from life. Religion is no cloth that we wear only when we want to; otherwise let it hang on the peg. Religion runs simultaneously like a breath.

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