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Rajnath Singh: A Protect Shield of New India

By Lalit Garg

Defense Minister Sh. Rajnath Singh is empowering the Ministry of Defense with new hope and strengthening the defense system of India. He ensured the whole world that no one can interpret India as a weak country. His strong decisions and steps are the milestones in the history of Indian defence system. In the past few weeks, the activism and fame of Rajnath Singh is indicating the creation of a new environment. He made it clear in the meeting with Chinese Defense Minister We Feng in Moscow that in order to maintain an atmosphere of mutual peace and harmony in the countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Conference, as well as in the whole Asian and Pacific region, it is necessary that any country should work with the spirit of co-operation, peace and co-existence instead of adopt aggressive attitude.

This meeting was very important and Sh. Rajnath Singh has represented India in a very strong and effective manner. The importance of this meeting is also because after the return of Sh. Rajnath Singh to New Delhi, Foreign Minister S.K. Jai Shankar will also travel to Moscow to attend the Conference of Foreign Ministers of the Organization of Shanghai Cooperation Countries, where he will meet the Chinese Foreign Minister.On the one hand, while the Defense Minister was busy in his talks, he was strengthening the Indian side in a diplomatic manner, in the meantime, the Chief of the Army and the Chief of the Air Force visited Ladakh and made it clear that to combat any military situation India’s troops are fully alert and active. Again and again, given the antics of Chinese forces on the Indo-China border and the war mentality of China, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has to speak in clear language and present a peaceful-liberal view of India. A slack should be expected between the two neighboring countries. Chinese encroachment will not be tolerated even on an inch of land in India. India is not going to compromise with its geographical sovereignty.

China has continuously given an atmosphere of tension and tragedy to not only India but to the world, due to its misdeeds and conspiracy activities on the borders of India. In the era of the Corona epidemic, the whole world considers his efforts to create a war-like atmosphere that are very irritating and unfortunate. Whereas India has given a strong ground for world peace in the world. Respect for human warm-heartedness, peace-tolerance and co-existence. India has given the atmosphere there no place of fear, filled with auspiciousness and spreading of positivity and provides the possibility of appropriate opportunities and means of development to make a new world.

India freed the scared minds of people from the ravages of war. India has made the world fearless by becoming strong himself. We have been supporters of love and brotherhood for centuries but no one should consider it our weakness. No harm will be allowed to India’s self-esteem. With his determination and rigor, Mr. Rajnath Singh clarified these things in his conversation and spoke in a very polite and generous manner. He is a charismatic personality who believes in clean politics, which has the special quality of keeping his words effective and rigorous. No country is an enemy to them, only resistant. But at the same time, the Defense Minister was also a politician, vigilant and aware who officially placed the incidents of Chinese forces crossing the control line in Ladakh to the countrymen and warned that our troops would not tolerate this situation in any case. So now that the Indian Army forces have consolidated their positions in the Chushul sector of Ladakh and the southern end of Pangong Lake, Rajnath Singh has stood up and negotiated in front of the Chinese Defense Minister.

Sh. Rajnath Singh, being a shrewd and effective politician as well as the carrier of liberal thinking, has warned China that if China wants war, India will not back down and give a befitting reply. But the mentality of India was not before the war and neither is it today. The preparations that India has made to defuse the invasive attitude of China have been done to find a peaceful solution. India is the country that paved the way for coexistence and peace through the Panchsheel pact, but China was still cheeky and still is. Even today, parallel to the manner in which the military is deploying on the border of equipment, India is also compelled to carry out its preparations in a strong and effective manner.

Despite this, India is clear that war cannot be the ultimate solution to a problem. Finally, the solution comes out by sitting at the table of conversation, so why do we sit at the table after destruction? Even though China invaded in 1962, the Panchsheel settlement was fragmented and 40 thousand square kilometers of India; occupied the land of Aksai Chin, but now no such intention of China can succeed at any cost, no matter how many pleasures, no matter how many dirty thoughts, no matter how much military and weapons are displayed. Rajnath, who has done his work well and achieved the task, has clearly explained that India still wants peace; its wish is that now man should live on the strength of spirit and love, not on the strength of machinery. And live. That war should not be in the world, but in weapons.

The defense activism of Sh. Rajnath Singh is in the interest of the country. Top and experienced politicians like Rajnath are active not only in the party but also in the national interest. You must have seen the ‘Sal’ tree – see the tree of ‘Sheel’ quite tall – it is deeper than it is tall. There is such height and depth in the personality and gratitude of Rajnath Singh, it is the result of this depth and height activism that the way the brave soldiers of India broke the Chinese forces on the borders in the past, it is clear that India on the strategic front is China Is capable of showing the land to the heavy military mob. China has to understand that this phase is indeed a strong phase of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rule and he has to come out of the dream world of 1962 and understand the reality. Otherwise, the horrific fate of Indian forces in the Chushul sector will be further than that of China. By keeping India entangled in the negotiations, if China was in the lurch that it could arbitrarily change the direction and direction of the control line, then India has shown its land to China by giving a bewildering reply to its intention. It is not possible for any such mischief of China to succeed under the strong and courageous defense of Rajnath Singh. Rajnath Singh is not only the Defense Minister, but he is a great force of the country, he is active as a warrior, establishing himself as the Defense Leader of India and giving special status in the world to the image of India’s peace loving strong war. The ground is being prepared to weaken China.

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