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Poor response from administration add worries in snowbound areas: Saroori

Concerned over the plight of the villagers who have yet to see any response regarding ration delivery, electricity restoration, drinking water

Kishtwar, January 12, 2021:

Former Minister and Vice President JKPCC, G. M Saroori has appealed to the Govt to provide better facilities in snowbound areas of all the hilly districts of Jammu and Kashmir where many areas have cut off due to heavy snowfall.

“The administration has failed in its prompt response for the redressal of issues which have increased due to heavy snowfall and disconnection of electricity supply,” said Saroori.

Saroori was concerned over the plight of the villagers and poor people who have yet to see any response from the authorities concerned regarding ration delivery, electricity restoration, and snow clearance in many areas. He said that the drinking water and opening of roads for vehicular movement has yet to be restored.

He said that the remote areas in the district lack drinking water supply system through tab and the people are mostly dependent upon natural streams. “The people in remote areas facing serious drinking water crises in snow bound areas and other hilly districts,” he added to bring in notice of the administration towards the suffering of the people.

Amid growing concern for a second pandemic due to covid19, he said that the health authorities should send their teams to the rural areas and provide them needed information about the precautions and measures to be taken to avoid being infected with the virus. He said that the virus has not only because threat to the lives of the people, but it has also affected them mentally and alienated them from rest of the society. “The society should also understand and do not discriminate with the infected people. The covid virus can be avoided with precaution,” he added.

Saroori said that the harsh winters have adversely affected normal life in Kishtwar and the different departments of the Govt should jointly monitor the situation for the early resolution of the health, connectivity, electricity, water crises and snow-clearance issues.

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