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People upset due to wild cut in electricity amid rising temperature in Jammu

Jammu, June 14, 2021: For the past few days, the temperature in Jammu has been continuously going above 45 degrees, due to which the life of the common people has become difficult. At the same time, the wild power cut in Jammu has also kept people harassed.

Although the month of May was a relief in terms of weather for the people in Jammu, by the time of June, the heat made people sweat. Dr. Mahinder Singh, who monitors the weather at Sher-e-Kashmir Agricultural University, Jammu, claims that this wildly increased heat in the month of June has increased the problems of the people.

According to Dr. Mahendra, it is not good for people to walk in such hot winds during the Corona period. He said that due to these hot winds, people may get heatstroke, which has the same effect on the body as the corona.

He said after June 9 in Jammu, the weather took a sudden turn and the mercury reached near 45 degrees. He said that during the Corona period, when there is a huge power cut in Jammu, they are going out to escape the heat and they are feeling heatwave due to the hot winds outside, which is adversely affecting their health.

At the same time, according to Pradeep Gupta, who runs a grocery shop in Jammu, undeclared power cuts along with heat in Jammu have made life difficult for the people.

He said that to get rid of the heat, people are moving from Jammu to places like any hill station so that they can avoid it. He said that not only we are troubled by the wild power cut in Jammu, but the traders have also suffered due to it. (PTK)

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