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Panthers Trade Union holds protest demonstration against hike in Petrol, Diesel, LPG

Jammu, February, 10, 2021 : Neeraj Dewan J&K, Ladakh General Secretary Panthers Trade Union along with his supporters and Party workers held a massive protest at Transport Nagar Narwal against the price hike of petrol diesel and LPG.
He said that in today’s time of corona the people were expecting that the Govt. will give some schemes through the latest budget to improve the miseries of the common man, but the Govt. fails to do so, instead by rise of the prices of daily needs item they added to the miseries of common man.
The hike of prices of petrol and diesel indirectly results in the price hike of all other things relating to our household, business, health, education.
Even then the Govt. is not paying any attention to words the increase of the price of daily need things.
They don’t even bother about of the sufferings of common man and this will not be tolerated any more.
The Govt. must have to come with a policy on the issue of price and how to control these prices.
In the period of covid the unemployment is at its peak the people struggling to earn bread for them and their family and it is the moral duty of our Govt. to take some effective measures so that the prices can be controlled so that people can have a sigh of relief.
This can be done only if the Govt. should work on the ground level and not just in papers. He that the Govt should withdraw the price hike in petrol, diesel and LPG and frame a policy to control the uncontrolled the rise of daily need things.
He was accompanied by Sh Jagdish Singh Distt President PTU,  Didar Singh,   Parmjeet Singh, Devinder Singh, Surjeet Singh etc.

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