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Outreach Programme organised in Non camp for Kashmiri Migrants at Toph Sherkhania, Subash Nagar

Jammu, April 10, 2024: In a heartening display of community solidarity, an outreach programme was organized for Kashmiri migrants residing in Non camps at Subash Nagar, Jammu. Dr. Arvind Karwani, Relief and Rehabilitation Commissioner J&K, graced the occasion as the chief guest, while M.K. Yogi, a senior KP leader, participated as the guest of honour. The event, spearheaded by Sanjay Raina, President of Top Sherkhania Subash Nagar quarters, aimed to address the genuine grievances of Kashmiri migrants living in Non camps areas.

Addressing the gathering, Romesh Raina shed light on the pressing issues faced by Kashmiri migrants residing in government quarters in Subash Nagar and Janipur. These concerns included the need for internal repairs of quarters, construction of community halls, provision of bathrooms in the Shiv temple, and ensuring regular supply of pure drinking water and electricity. He urged the authorities to take swift action to resolve these fundamental issues.

M.K. Yogi emphasized the importance of unity among Kashmiri Pandits, transcending political and organizational affiliations. He stressed the necessity of presenting a united front to address the community’s challenges with a collective voice under a single umbrella.

Dr. Arvind Karwani, Relief Commissioner Migrants, assured the community that the grievances raised during the outreach programme would be brought to the attention of the relevant authorities for prompt resolution. He pledged his unwavering commitment to addressing the genuine concerns of the community, calling for their cooperation in this endeavor.

Several community members, including Romesh Raina, Anil Pandita, Ravi Kachroo, Shiban Ji Bhat, M.L. Bakshi, Sunil Pandita, Ajay Mohan Bhat, Avtar Krishan Dhar, Rajesh Razdan, Smt. Sanjiv Pandita, Smt. Suman Raina, Smt. Lalita Ji, J.L. Raina, Roshan Lal, Subash Koul, and Manoj Dhar, shared their insights and suggestions during the event. Sanjay Raina delivered the vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to all participants for their active involvement in the programme.

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