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NIT Srinagar (JnK) Conducts Online Student Excellence and Learning Program (SELP) under TEQIP III in collaboration with the Art of Living

Jammu, February 15, 2021: Week long online student excellence and learning program (SELP) under TEQIP III by Art Of Living concluded in National Institute Of Technology (NIT) Srinagar.

Employment and skill enhancement Program for students for One Week was launched under guidance of Director NIT Prof. Rakesh Sehgal last week which was well organized under team of Prof. Abdul Liman as Convener of the program and Dr F Q Mir as Coordinator of the program. Dr F.Q.Mir from NIT Srinagar inaugurated Student Excellence and Learning Program (SELP) of Art of Living under induction program as constituent of Employment and skill enhancement scheme in NIT srinagar along with Senior Faculty of Art of living  Rohit ranjan, Tariq Khan, Kousar Razvi , Avinash Tiku, Vandana Ji, Varun Upadhyay renowned International and National faculty from AOL .

The aim of the program SELP is to make the students to boost confidence, enhance creativity, and regulate time management, and develop interpersonal relationships and leadership skill. The Faculty from Art of Living foundation for SELP from Bangalore discussed and gave them demonstration on Breathing techniques and activities, helping them in improving their concentration and clarity of mind. They also delivered Lectures and interact with Students online to explore their academics interests and motivate them to work for excellence, promote bonding among themselves and build character to meet the future challenges of life, Updated Ajay Kapoor, Art of Living State Coordinator for Bureau of communications.

Employment and skill enhancement scheme for students consisted of 2 batches of 60 Students Each. Batch one consisted of 60 Students of first year Engineering Students and this workshop was part of their Induction Program under Online student excellence and learning program (SELP) under TEQIP III which started from 08-02-2021 and ended in a weeks’ time in collaboration with the Art of Living Trust and batch 2 consisted of year 2, 3, 4 Engineering students collectively. Avinash Tiku and Varun Upadhayay Senior Faculty from The Art of Living International Centre Banglore took 1st year 60 students batch In early days sessions whereas Tariq khan and kousar Rizvi  took 2nd 3rd 4th year collective 60 students second batch in evening sessions

SELP is an excellent blend of interactive intense group processes, talks, presentations and fun based learning methodology that helps students to enhance their lives. It’s a classroom/online/offline based module and multiple batches can be conduct in parallel. There will be 1trainer per batch. The maximum batch size is 60 students. The basic program content includes Group discussions and role- plays to inculcate life- skills, Talks and presentations to bring out attitudinal and behavioral changes, Group activities & games to develop public speaking and interpersonal communication skills, Responsible, initiative and leadership with time management and teamwork. Breathing techniques, Yoga Asanas and Pranayama to increase concentration & building confidence SELP is a holistic program, spread over 6 consecutive days. Each session builds on the previous day’s session and creates an environment where the student’s mind becomes clam, there by accelerating the learning process for them.

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