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MK Yogi Applauds Union Government’s Decision to Restore Ancient Temples in Kashmir Valley, Highlights Significance of Martand Sun Temple Revival

Yogi emphasized that such a commendable decision would rejuvenate the community and contribute to strengthening the secular fabric of Jammu and Kashmir.

A file photo of Martand Sun Temple

Jammu, April 01, 2024: Former President of the Martand Sun Temple Mattan, in Anantnag Kashmir, and senior most leader of Kashmiri Pandits, MK Yogi has applauded the Union Government’s decision to restore ancient religious temples in the Valley. The recent announcement, which includes the installation of a statue of Emperor Lalitaditaya Muktapida within the premises of the Martand Sun Temple, has been hailed as a historic move by the senior Kashmiri Pandit leader.

MK Yogi

In a press statement issued today, the former two-time President of the PSM Martand Tirath Improvement Charitable Trust, Mattan, MK Yogi, expressed heartfelt gratitude to the Honourable Prime Minister, Home Minister of India, and the Lieutenant Governor of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir for their initiative in preserving and renovating ancient temples. He emphasized the significance of this decision in reviving the cultural heritage and civilization of the Kashmiri Pandit community, particularly highlighting the restoration efforts directed towards the Martand Sun Temple in Mattan.

Yogi emphasized that such a commendable decision would rejuvenate the community and contribute to strengthening the secular fabric of Jammu and Kashmir. He highlighted the potential of this development to attract pilgrims and tourists from across the country and the globe, thus bolstering the tourism sector and boosting the economy of Jammu and Kashmir.

In light of these developments, Yogi urged for the facilitation of pilgrims and tourists to the historic Martand Sun Temple shrine. He called for the placement of proper advertisements and signboards at main entry points along the route to the temple, aiming to attract visitors on a large scale and ensure their seamless experience during their pilgrimage or visit.

Expanding on the significance of the Martand Sun Temple, Yogi underscored its rich historical and cultural importance. Dating back to the 8th century, the Martand Sun Temple stands as a testament to the architectural and artistic brilliance of ancient Kashmiri civilization. Dedicated to the Sun God, Surya, the temple once served as a centre of spiritual and cultural activity, attracting devotees and scholars from far and wide.

An old photo of Martand Sun Temple

Despite facing centuries of neglect and destruction, the Martand Sun Temple remains an iconic symbol of Kashmiri heritage. Its intricate carvings, majestic columns, and sprawling courtyard reflect the grandeur of a bygone era. However, over time, the temple has suffered from natural wear and tear, vandalism, and the ravages of conflict, necessitating urgent restoration efforts to preserve its legacy for future generations.

Yogi expressed optimism that the restoration of the Martand Sun Temple would not only serve as a beacon of cultural revival but also foster a sense of pride and belonging among the Kashmiri Pandit community. As efforts to preserve Kashmir’s rich heritage continue, it is hoped that the Martand Sun Temple will once again shine brightly as a symbol of resilience, spirituality, and cultural diversity in the Valley.

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