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Militants camps set up in Afghanistan will impact on India: UNSC

SRINAGAR, AUGUST 03, 2021 : UN Security Council President TS Tirumurti has said that the situation in Afghanistan is a matter of concern for all the member countries of the Council. He has said that the council once again “cannot allow militant camps to be set up” as it will have a “direct impact” on India.

India is a non-permanent member of the Security Council and is presiding over it in August for 2021-22. India’s Permanent Envoy to the Security Council, Tirumurti, while talking to reporters at the UN Headquarters on Monday, referred to a UN report that said there was an increase in the number of dead in May-June compared to the previous months of the year. happened.

News Website reported that Indian government has clearly stated that it wants to see a free, peaceful, democratic and stable Afghanistan. He said, “We should pay attention to the violence there. At the same time, international terrorism should also be reduced. We cannot allow terrorist camps to come up again in Afghanistan. And it will have a direct impact on India.”

He also said that it is important to maintain peace in Afghanistan because its security and stability will have an impact on the entire region. “As of now, we are hopeful that peace talks will lead to a solution, and we hope that there will be no military solution,” Tirumurti said.

 “We are convinced that … we must address the question of violence and targeted attacks and these are very serious concerns and all violence must end. The ties with international terrorism must also be cut off. We once again have terrorist camps. There may be no going back to Afghanistan. And it will have a direct impact on India,” Tirumurti said. (PTK)

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