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Manjit Singh demands ownership rights for DPs on Govt, Custodian land

Jammu, October 06: Apni Party Provincial President, Jammu, Manjit Singh today demanded ownership rights on the Custodian as well as Govt land to the Displaced Persons.

“The Displaced Persons of 1965 and 1971 have faced the most difficult time after they were compelled to abandon their homes and shift to safer places from the Chhamb sector. Therefore, it is imperative for the Govt. to give them ownership rights on the land they are holding from the last several decades i.e., Govt land as well as Custodian land,” said Manjit Singh, in a statement.

He also demanded that the Govt should remove deficiency of land and provide them land on the same scale as it was announced/decided at the time of allotment of land to the DPs.

“There is a huge deficiency of land among the DPs which needs to be removed,” he demanded.

He further said that the DPs should be given compensation for which they were not considered in the past when they were dislocated or their piece of land was acquired for the purpose of development or other purposes in Jammu province.

He said that “The land which was allotted to them by then Govt. if any project was acquired and the compensation was not given to the DPs. Instead, it goes to the Govt or Custodian Department. This compensation which has already been given to the Custodian Department should be returned to the DPs who have become landless.”

It has caused great inconvenience to the DPs and therefore, it is requested to the Govt. to give them ownership rights on the land/properties they are holding, he said.

He said that the land record of 1965 and 1971 is in Delhi and the DPs are facing problems as their land records and maps are in Delhi which should be made available in Jammu so that the concerned people can take benefit of it.

He further said the border conflicts have affected these DPs mentally, financially, physically and all of them had to leave their private properties and fertile land due to the border conflicts.

It is the high time to undo their suffering by providing them property rights on the land they are holding since long whether it is Govt or Custodian, he said

Meanwhile, he also demanded adequate compensation to the DPs in cases of acquiring land for developmental projects.

“There is a huge problem of land decency among the DPs which needs to be rationalized. The Govt. should remove the land deficiency in the interest of the DPs,” he said.

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