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Lord Mahavira: The Illuminator of Human Soul

Mahavira Parinirvan Divas, 14 November 2020

By Lalit Garg

Deepawali is the day of ‘Parinirvan’of Lord Mahavira. The teachings that Mahavira gave before Parinirvan became a medium for people to move from darkness to light, from untruth to truth and from despair to hope. That is why Deepawali is important for the followers of Jainism. Mahavir is a man of substance; the utility of his teachings is everlasting and universal.All the people of the world have taken inspiration from his life and thoughts. ‘Satya’, ‘Ahinsa’, ‘Anekant’, ‘Aparigraha’ are principles that will always be acceptable and will continue to inspire the world humanity.

Mahavira’s entire life is a living inspiration of the rise of humanity. They have illuminated millions of people with their light. We can consider Mahavir’s sermon on the night of Diwali as the best message of Prakash Parv. Because this message is illuminating the inner world of human beings.

The salvation day of Lord Mahavira is a knock for us all. He did not give value to external fighting, instead he called for self-war in self-protection. He provided what he said and said the truth. He approved the existence of everyone. His non-violent mind never interrupted anyone’s happiness. He did not allow the ego to stand by awakening his feelings. That is why his teachings and principles have special importance in our life and especially in practical life. It is more necessary that we can adapt their teachings in our lives but silence is often seen on this subject.

Especially the people and followers of Jain society are forgetting Mahavira, keeping their disciples on hold. It is a matter of sorrow that the people of Jain society are making the most irrelevant to Mahavira, the evils which Mahavira attacked, they are adopting them more. We only worship Mahavira, do not instill his teachings in life. We are only engaged in rituals and rituals of worship. This message of Mahavir should be learned for the people – ‘Men! You yourself are your destiny. ”Even if you reached the end with the help of others? Such floors are not permanent and neither solution is effective.

How simple but accurate Lord Mahavira is – happiness is dear to everyone, sorrow is unpleasant. Everyone wants to live, no one wants to die. Treat us the same way we want towards ourselves. This is humanity and also the basis of humanity. Humanity is in saving, not killing. To kill, bite or torture any human, animal or bird or animal is clearly inhuman, cruel. Violence-murder and blood-mule can never be related to human values. Values are related to simple superior expressions like ‘live and let live’.

In today’s time, there is an uproar of countless questions like corona epidemic, war, exploitation, violence. Why is life getting complicated? The basic reason for this is that we should not be able to put into practice what Mahavira preached. That is why faith and devotion in human values become weakened.In the interpretation of religion we added our opinion, our selfishness, our convenience, our principle. Mahavir’s philosophy and principles contain solutions for all the problems with which man is surrounded and the complex situations that surround him. Every person prepares to become a Mahavira, only then can freedom from problems be found. Mahavira was a person who is fully devoted to the goal, which has the ability to bear sufferings. One who can maintain parity and balance even in adverse conditions, which is ready to cultivate silence and meditate on the body? One who has a feeling of co-existence towards the entire human being? One who not only knows how to change his destiny through effort, but wishes for the bright future of the entire humanity?

Another important question is, can happiness be made permanent? Can grief be eliminated? The simple answer would be that this is never possible in the physical world. As long as you live in the physical world, it is a daydream, to imagine the sky is like saffron. There is never a flower grown in the sky. It is impossible that a man should live in the world and experience only happiness or sorrow, this duality will continue. Then a curiosity arises in the mind of the person that there is a way to make happiness permanent. The solution is to interview you. For this it is necessary to live every moment with awareness. In order to live it, Lord Mahavira said – ‘Khananjanahipandiya’, who knows the moment, he knows for the sake of happiness and sorrow.

Mahavira has endured countless struggles throughout his life, endured sufferings, sought happiness through sorrow and reached the truth on the strength of intense austerity and spiritual practice, so he became a pillar of ideals for us. He understood that greatness can never be attained by material things, comforts, narrow thinking and selfish attitude, for that one has to gather truth, follow the path of morality and adopt a lifestyle of non-violence. In practical life, it is necessary that we purify our life by erasing ego and adopting non-violence, forgiveness, love, truth, multipleism with pure heart.

Mahavira’s entire life is the culmination of meditation and dedication, so he is automatically inspiring. The teachings of God are life-threatening, in which the solution to life’s problems lies. Lord Mahavira is a light lamp of bliss.Light defeats the darkness, but to overcome the darkness of ignorance, the utility of bliss lamp is undeniable. In fact, the sermons and teachings of God are constellations of light. In order to be inundated with the jewels of knowledge, immersion in them is necessary. Mahavira gives a vision to the man to understand the true meaning of religion. Religion gives you happiness, peace, prosperity. The value is religion makes you feel equality, purity, morality, non-violence. Therefore, the criterion for becoming a Mahavira is the emergence of a consciousness free from the country and era and free from the imprisonment of caste and creed. Mahavira was a classy and non-communal sage who lived non-violence, aparigraha and abhyantha with great intensity.

The birth of Lord Mahavira is true-‘Dhammo Shuddhas Chittai’. Religion resides in the pure soul and another name of the pure soul is sensible and sensitive nature. This is a revolution of continuous personal development. There is no one but himself responsible for the success of life, failure, happiness and sorrow and happiness. The important stage of religion is that we think right is right and wrong is wrong. This development vision is a sign of successful and meaningful life, not just liberation. In this sense, religion is a new form of purity, a new path, a new thought, a desire to touch new peaks, imagination and dreams.

There is a beautiful phrase of Lord Mahavira – Age su sampanne age shilanpanne. One person is accustomed, but not humble; the other is resilient, but not emphatic. It is both a state of incompleteness, a state of incompleteness. There is character, but it is incomplete even if not read. The state of totality will occur when both the dictated and the transcendent are formed. Education should include both, which is not the case today. Today, there are so many branches of knowledge science in schools, colleges and universities as never before. But the decline of morality that has happened and is happening today has never been in the past.

Whatever the problems of today’s era, be it corona epidemic or environmental problem, violence and war problem, political criminalization and immorality problem, stress and mental distortions, economic and distorted lifestyle problems- The solution to all these problems lies in the principles and teachings of Mahavira. That is why the expectation is not for the reincarnation of Mahavira, but the descent of the ideal life he lived. We need to change, change our nature and every moment we prepare to become Mahavira, and then it will be meaningful to commemorate and praise Mahavira on Mahavira Nirvana Day.


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