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Jammu Declaration my political philosophy, will pursue it religiously: Rana

JAMMU, OCTOBER 10, 2021: Vowing to pursue Jammu Declaration, a political roadmap emanating from Jammu, religiously and resolutely, former MLA Mr Devender Singh Rana today described the concept as key to retrieving back the glorious ethos of inclusive Jammu and Kashmir to its pristine glory again.

“Nothing will deter me in realizing this objective and I will single-mindedly work for it even at the peril of my political career”, Mr Rana said while addressing a large gathering from Nagrota block that called on him this morning.

The former MLA said that the Declaration is a way forward to respect the urges and aspirations of all the regions and sub-regions of Jammu and Kashmir with none being discriminated against or dominated politically, socially and economically. Each one, irrespective of region, religion or caste, must have equal rights on resources and in governance. Fair play and justice should not only be the bedrock of the political system but even the  perception of one being appeased at the cost of the other due to politico-strategic expediencies should become an imperative of the past, he said, adding that Jammu region has hugely suffered on all these counts over the decades.

Mr Rana exuded confidence that the Jammu Declaration will eventually lead to offset the fault-lines created between the regions, various segments of society, as also with the rest of the country. The trust deficit of decades is, therefore, needed to be bridged for ensuring harmony and unity between peoples, the regions and the sub-regions in this part of the country.

He said the narrative coming from secular Jammu will set in motion the process of intra-region and inter-religious discourse, crucial for unity and harmony. The engagement has to be holistic, between regions, sub regions, religious communities and ethnic groups. All these form the core of the land of saints and sages from times immemorial. This glorious heritage is required to be retrieved, sustained and further strengthened to bequeath posterity the great legacy of their ancestors, who made Jammu and Kashmir proud. To achieve this, a collective effort is needed to find out the genesis of fault-lines and to suggest course correction measures, he added.

He said the Jammu Declaration has caught the imagination of the people in general and intelligentsia, civil society and the entire political class in particular, as it holds promise for marginalized segments of society and neglected regions and sub-regions. He said Jammu has to play a major role in making the Declaration a success and this will be a befitting contribution towards the idea of J&K and the idea of India.

Mr Rana urged the people of Jammu to be the flag bearers of the narrative of inclusive Jammu and Kashmir, the core of Jammu Declaration, as it does not reflect the agenda of any individual. It is an agenda of the people, by the people and for the people of Jammu and Kashmir, who have suffered economically, politically and psychologically over the years. Now the time has come to end the era of uncertainty and usher in the era of peace, progress and development, he asserted.

“By holding the banner of the Jammu Declaration, we have nothing to lose but everything to gain by making J&K a better place to live in and a real jewel in the crown of our great nation”, he maintained.

Referring to the sentiments expressed by the prominent persons of the Nagrota Block, Mr Rana said he is overwhelmed by the affection they have bestowed upon him over the years. He said their support and cooperation has been and would be a biggest and valued treasure for him. He assured them that he will work for them with renewed vigour.

During the past two days, the people from the Mathwar and Dansal Blocks also called on Mr Rana  at his residence.

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