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India must accept Pak PM’s offer for dialogue on J&K land occupation by Pakistan: Bhim Singh

Jammu, February 25, 2021: Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Ex-Cricketer Mr. Imran Khan has made an offer to India to talk on the dispute over occupation of nearly half of Jammu and Kashmir which Pakistan had forcibly occupied between 1947 and 1948. Pakistan had forcibly occupied the Indian Territory in J&K measuring about 5500 sq. miles in 1947. Pakistan again occupied entire areas of Gilgit & Baltistan in 1948 measuring about 32,000 sq. miles. Pakistan in 1963 gave nearly 6000 sq. miles of the Indian Territory to China on lease. That lease was totally unconstitutional and in violation of International Law also because that territory was in Gilgit and belonged to India.

Pakistan later transferred Karakoram Highway to an area about 6000 sq. miles to China thus committing violation of International Law. Unfortunately, Indian leadership could not/did not take up the matter of occupation of Indian land in J&K by Pakistan in violation of Municipal and International Law.

Pakistan committed another violation of International Law when Pakistan declared Gilgit & Baltistan as a province of Pakistan.

It was Mr. V.K. Krishna Menon who as an Indian representative raised this issue and pleaded India’s case in 1956 for 11 hours before the Security Council. No serious effort was made before the United Nations against the illegal/unconstitutional occupation of Gilgit & other areas of J&K state which were occupied illegally by force by Pakistan.

Prof.Bhim Singh, President of J&K National Panthers Party reminded the BJP government that it was Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India, who raised this issue in Shimla Conclave with the then Prime Minister of India, Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Final clause the Shimla Agreement with Pakistan had made a commitment that India & Pakistan shall resolve all disputes/issues through dialogue including that of Jammu and Kashmir and POK.

Prof.Bhim Singh urged the President of India, Mr. Ramnath Kovind that he should advise the Prime Minister to consider the offer made by Pakistan PM Mr. Imran Khan from his platform from Sri Lanka offering to resolve all issues peacefully with India through dialogue. Prof.Bhim Singh also appealed the Hon’ble Members of Parliament to study this issue and consider the offer made by Pak Prime Minister from Sri Lanka. The Indian Parliament has a great role to play to ensure that lasting peace shall flow between New Delhi and Islamabad and the war cries on either side shall sink into the depth of the Indian Ocean. This offer of Pak Prime Minister for a dialogue should be considered seriously by keeping aside all the egos and political hatred. Indian Parliament has to work out a serious resolution about the territory of J&K (India) occupied by Pakistan as well as by China in the Ladakh region. China also occupies nearly 20,000 sq. miles of Indian Territory in the Ladakh region. Unfortunately or by ignorance this issue India has not been able to raise with China during Indo-China dialogue which is going between the Indian Army and China Liberation Army. Two issues may be taken separately with Pakistan and China.

However, Pakistan PM Mr. Imran Khan has played well and the ball is in India’s side, India should not miss this opportunity to catch the ball.

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