How this high-tech antiviral mattress protector will help you sleep safe

Our mattresses can be breeding grounds for viruses and bacteria, but help is at hand with this new antiviral mattress protector.

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 09, 2020: Given the situation across the world today, we are all on high alert for the possibility of infection. While we pay close attention to the things and people coming into our homes, we often neglect germ-prone areas within the house, especially our mattresses.

We think of mattresses only as spaces of comfort and rest, but they can also be breeding grounds for a host of micro-organisms. After all, we shed millions of skin cells and several litres of sweat onto them (up to 100 litres per year, according to some studies), giving viruses, bacteria, dust mites and fungi a nutrient-rich environment in which to grow and thrive.

One study by researchers from North Carolina State University found that human beds have a much higher level of oral and skin bacteria than the nests in which chimpanzees sleep in jungles.

While most of the micro-organisms found on our beds might be harmless, there is room for harmful ones to stay and thrive too. And this problem has only grown with the onset of the pandemic, as we spend many more hours at home and in our beds.

Frequently washing and changing our bedding is one good way to deal with this problem. But prescriptions on how and often this must be done vary, and this doesn’t eliminate accumulation on mattresses entirely. If this sounds too worrying, there’s help at hand—a new mattress protector using the Swiss intelligent textile technology HeiQ Viroblock®, brought to India by Duroflex Mattresses.

What is a mattress protector?
Mattress protectors exist because of how hard it is to regularly clean and wash mattresses of all the dirt that accumulates within them. A mattress protector is a fitted fabric covering that fits snugly over your mattress and protects it from all kinds of dirt, stains, and spills. It can be regularly removed and gently washed to maintain its cleanliness and appearance.

How HeiQ Viroblock® works HeiQ Viroblock® is a technology added into fabrics during the manufacturing process. It uses silver ions and vesicles to neutralise viruses and bacteria that come into contact. The technology has been tested at the highest international standards on over 94 viruses and approved for its strong antiviral and anti-bacterial capabilities against enveloped viruses and bacteria.

The technology has also been certified as safe and sustainable, with its ingredients being cosmetic grade, bio-based and recycled.

Thanks to this technology, the Duro Safe Antiviral Mattress Protector is the first mattress protector in India to give you protection against a range of bacteria and viruses even up to 30 gentle washes.

Added advantages
Not only does the antiviral mattress protector protect against harmful viruses and bacteria, it is also dust-proof and anti-dust-mite, giving relief and a good night’s sleep to anyone with a dust mite allergy. It’s also hypoallergenic and safe on the skin, making it ideal for people with asthma and allergies. And it’s waterproof, keeping sweat, saliva, and any spills from settling into the mattress and creating conditions for fungal or bacterial growth.

In other words, Duroflex’s Duro Safe Antiviral Mattress Protector creates a safe, hygienic and comfortable environment so that you can get a great night’s sleep.

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