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God revealed Vedas Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita Chapter 3

Vedas do not have any concept of Religion. Vedas advise follow Dharma which even God follows sternly. Divine Nature Prakriti, all Planets, all Forces of Nature like Water, Earth, Air, Ether, Fire etc. follow Dharma. Religions divide mankind into close Societies, Dharma unites mankind into one Open Society.

Prem Sabhlok

Revive Vedas to bring City of God/Ram Rajya on this divine Planet (Mother Earth)

Subject: Salient Teachings/Guidelines and Thoughts contained in Vedas
Dear seekers of Vedic Knowledge,

1. Vedas advice is moderation and need based living for achieving perfection. Later on Buddha described it as “middle path”, Plato and Aristotle as “Golden Mean” for an ideal way of life.

2. In Jnan Marga Vedas contains a concept of perfect and absolute eternal truth against material and imperfect truth which could vary with time and place.

3 Vedas forge chaos into unity, by surveying life in its entirety.

4. Bribe takers/givers are mentioned as thieves of God and mankind.

Four professions (varnas) of Brahman, Kshatriya, Vaish and Shudra are divine and fifth profession of avarna, vritra, kimdin, i.e bribe takers/givers, rakshasas, marplots, sorcers, evil minded people, is non divine varna. They are lawless aggressors of Rta– Cosmic Laws of Nature.

5. Gurus (preceptors) are dispellers of inner and outer darkness. They are advised not to accept any money/donation from non divine people like bribe takers, evil minded and anti social. The word Guru is from Gu– darkness and Ru– to dispel.

6. Four divine varnas are allotted based on comprehensive Vedic Education System. Thus Vedic Chatvar Varnashram is not based on Birth

7. Wealth is like a knife-destructive and useful…Blind pursuit of wealth creates degeneration of values. Their destructive power lies in creating lust, greed, desire to hold tons of money, exploitation of animate and inanimate life and even benign mother Earth.

8. Vedas advise Non Violence of the STRONG like our supreme Mother Parkrti (divine Nature) which is extremely strong and powerful but largely peaceful unless human beings grossly flout her Rta- Cosmic Laws of Necessity

Rtam Satyam Dharmam Cosmic laws of Nature are eternal truth (satyam) and following these Rtam is Vedic Dharma

9. Matter is not inert. Owing to spirit (energy principle) in Shuniya (void)- Thus matter has unsuspected vitality. Hence its excessive use is a sin (Rig Veda).

10- Purpose of Human Birth is to assist Viswakarma (supreme Architect) in the maintenance of Thy Grand wondrous Design and to work for the social welfare of mankind for which we have been sent in the world. We are under obligation to protect, preserve, to aid and comfort mankind every where (RV 6-75-14) Thus Vedas lay the foundation of the edifice of universal values.

A few other salient Teachings, Thoughts/Guidelines are relating to Cosmic Delusion Maya, Global Family and Universal Brotherhood (Vasudhaivam Kutumbkam, Viswa Bandhutva) etc.

Vedas have no concept of myth, no superstition and no concept of curse, no dogmas, against any organized religion and equal status of men and women
Enlightened liberalism (idam na mama), nishkam karma, moderation

Vedic Dharma is thus, an adorable Unifier

Meditation has both positive and negative effect- positive like lord Rama, Krishna, Negative like Ravana, Duryodha, Kansa …Any meditation by flouting Rta has negative effect (Isa Upnashid and Yajur Veda).

Their message is clear “I am not a body, I have a body”. Knowing your Realself is highest wisdom (Atman viddhi).

Vedic Message is become Parmajot– carrier of divine light to fulfill mission of God

Human being is tri-ani-pada- three bodies in one. Vedic Maya hides two bodies’ i.e. spiritual and divine bodies where spirit (jeev) and soul (atma) reside.
Maya thus creates a golden disc and hides the truth.

Cosmic laws of necessity RTA leads to Karma theory “As you sow so shall you reap”. All living things move according to Rta. When you deviate from the cosmic laws of necessity social, moral and physical pollution start.

Vedas acted as a great spiritual adhesive to which a large number of sects, cults, religions, even invaders like Greeks, Huns, Bactarian etc…got glued and formed a vast Vedic Sanatan Dharma.

The eminent metaphysicists Yajnavalkya of the 8th century BC described God as neti-neti (neither this nor that). Brahma is inconceivable for He cannot be conceived. He is unchangeable for He cannot be changed. Untouched for nothing can touch Him. He cannot suffer for striking any sword for He cannot suffer any injury. We ourselves are but He, yet we know not what He is. For whatever we express, He is limited but He is limitless. He is greatest of the greatest, subtlest of the subtlest, ineffable, omniscient. Space, time and casualty cannot relate Him, as they are part of Him. Origin of Time and Space is beyond the human capacity to know. Both Time and Space live in Him and these are eternal (akshram). God is Great eternal (Mahad akshram).

In addition Vedas cover in great details other material, spiritual and divine subjects. Vedas are thus rightly described as Ocean of knowledge.

I have tried to cover all possible subjects of Vedas in the Book “Glimpses of Vedic Metaphysics” on Website Please also visit Blog

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