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Engaging Street Plays by Samooh Theatre Promote Social Awareness and Unity

Jammu, August 14, 2023: Samooh Theatre, a distinguished and impanelled group of the Central Bureau of Communication, showcased their commitment to social awareness and unity through two captivating street plays held at Yatri Niwas, Jammu. The event featured thought-provoking performances that aimed to enlighten and inspire the audience on critical issues prevalent in society.

The first play, titled “Say No to Drugs,” shed light on the menace of drug abuse that plagues our communities. Written and directed by the talented Ravinder Sharma, the play delved into the harrowing consequences of addiction while advocating for a drug-free society. Through powerful storytelling and impactful performances, the audience was reminded of the urgent need to address this pressing issue and its far-reaching effects on individuals and families.

The second play, “Ek Bharat Shresth Bharat,” also penned and directed by Ravinder Sharma, celebrated the unity and diversity that define our great nation. With vibrant portrayals of different cultures and regions, the play emphasized the strength that arises from our collective heritage. Through evocative narratives and engaging performances, the audience was encouraged to embrace the spirit of unity, fostering a sense of togetherness and national pride.

Samooh Theatre’s performances at Yatri Niwas demonstrated their prowess in utilizing the art of street theatre to communicate important messages effectively. The dedication of the performers and the creative vision of Ravinder Sharma illuminated the significance of these social themes, leaving a lasting impact on the attendees. The artist who performed in both plays were Sandeep Manhas, Vinay Sharma, Ajay Kumar, Manik Sharma, Nitesh Verma, Amrita Kour, Deepika Singh and Ravinder Sharma. Yeshwinder Bali and Yogeshwar Singh did the back Stage. Sunil Kumar Sharma from Central Bureau of Communication anchored the whole event.

The event was attended by esteemed members of the community, representatives from various organizations, and individuals of all ages. The plays resonated deeply with the audience, sparking discussions and reflections on the issues presented.

Samooh Theatre remains committed to utilizing their artistic capabilities to address pertinent societal issues and promote unity. Through their engaging performances, they continue to serve as a catalyst for change, encouraging us all to become responsible and informed citizens.

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