Embark on solo trip to become better version of you

Travel solo to embark on a journey of self-discovery

New Delhi: Solo travelling is not just about travelling but about satisfying your craving for finding the real you. There is some journey on which you should embark alone as these destinations are the doorways of self-discovery and some great adventure.

It is always advisable to push your limits and move out of our comfort zone to explore the newer possibilities that life has in store for you. Travelling is a brilliant idea as it gives you an opportunity to heal the corrosion on your soul and prompt you to become wiser and take stock of your life.

It has been found that the trend of travelling solo has increased rampantly. Holidaymakers have shared their experiences of travelling alone as it empowers one making them feel liberated. Solo travel is a one of a kind experience – “if you never go, you will never know.”

Holidaymakers report – according to Abta’s latest annual Holiday habits Survey, one in nine holidaymakers reported that they took a holiday on their own in the previous 12 months – double the number compared to six-year previous.

Hitwise, the largest online behavioural research tool in the UK, shared that from analysing the searches made by 3 million consumers in the UK, across all search engines, were was 143 per cent increase in “solo travel” searches over the past three years. In the past four weeks, incidentally, the most popular destinations driving solo travel searches have been Costa Rica, South East Asia and New Zealand.

What solo travel teaches us?

  • It teaches us to survive alone: The reality is when you are alone; not confronting your demons becomes next to impossible. We develop the capability to face challenges that life throws at us.
  • Think creatively: Solo travel gives you the willingness to learn and grow. It prepares you mentally to master your own uniqueness. It helps you boost confidence by taking up the deadliest adventures. You become super adaptable while budgeting and financing your next trip with your past experiences. You learn to organise your financial status by finding more creative and better ways to earn and hence you start travelling with your savings.
  • Solo travel leaves you little choice but to interact with strangers to figure out your own potentials, thereby improving your communication skills. It helps you gain a diverse foundation of knowledge.
  • It will make you a wise thinker, not only outside the box but in and around and above and beyond. You will flip the box upside down and shake it to find out new creative possibilities.
  • Exploration: The Human mind is curious, it loves adventure (venturing out), it loves freedom and it loves to know something more and beyond. Solo travel gives you the freedom to explore a new idea and navigate your road all alone.

How to make the most of your solo trip:

  • Plan to go for unexplored: Plan your trip based out of unconventional and offbeat. It can be the most life changing experience. You meet people of different origin, different culture, their extensive literature, history and culinary. The idea is to learn, adapt and get immerse yourself into new things which makes you feel excited and happy.
  • Plan spiritual tourism or spa tourism: Pilgrimage, yoga, meditation, temple visits at the same time get acknowledged with various spiritual practices.  Get associated with wellness and various therapies like hydro-therapy or balneotherapy. The idea is to feel relaxed, leisure that promotes peace of mind and elevates the quality of life.

Nature destinations: Nature destinations or ecotourism is best to find yourself in the beauty of nature, natural wonders and magical environment. The idea is to feel fresh, relax and witness the beauty of nature in numerous hues.

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