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Diwali 2020: Deepotsav and Deepavali celebrations in Ayodhya, the birthplace of Shri Rama

Diwali 2020: Ayodhya, the birthplace of Shri Rama will be celebrating its first Deepotsav and Diwali after the Ram Janmabhoomi Pujan in August this year.

Ayodhya, November 14, 2020: Ayodhya, the birthplace of Shri Rama will be celebrating its first Diwali post-Supreme Court’s verdict for the temple construction at the Ram Janmabhoomi site. A grand Bhoomi Pujan was held on August 5 this year to lay the foundation stone for the construction of the holy Ram Mandir shrine. And the same was performed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. As the city of Ayodhya looked forward to celebrating its historic Diwali this year, the banks of the holy Sarayu river glittered with the lights of as many as 5,84,572 lakh earthen lamps at Ram ki Paidi ghats on Friday. Thus, it made it to the Guinness World records for ‘the largest display of oil lamps, reports suggest. And a captivating laser show added grandeur to the event.
The city also witnessed a display of not one but 11 tableaux portraying various chapters of the Ramcharitmanas and a grand show of the darbar of Ram Lalla and Ramayana.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and the governer, Anandiben Patel performed a puja of Ram Lalla Virajman at the Ram Janmabhoomi temple construction site before taking part in the Deepotsav.
Artists dressed as Lord Rama, Devi Sita and Lakshmana also took part in the event and statues depicting iconic events from Ramayan were showcased at Ram Katha Park ahead of ‘Deepotsav’ celebration. “With these statues, we aim to make an encyclopedia consisting various incidents from Ramayan,” ANI quoted Yashwant Singh Rathore, Secretary, State Lalit Kala Akademi, UP as saying.

Devotees light earthen lamps on the bank of Saryu River during Deepotsav celebrations in Ayodhya, Saturday, Oct. 26, 2019.

For the unversed, Diwali, traditionally referred to as Deepavali (Deep + Avali= a row of lights) is associated with Shri Rama’s return to Ayodhya after a hiatus of fourteen years. The people of Ayodhya who waited with bated breath for Shri Rama, his consort Devi Sita and brother Lakshmana arrival, welcomed them by lighting earthen lamps.

And since it was the Amavasya Tithi or the New Moon night, the lights illuminated the entire kingdom. Since then, the tradition of lighting lamps on the day of Deepavali has continued.

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