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Corona gospel & Indian PM; What needs to be done, Panthers Party raises fingers

Need of the Hour

Jammu, June 10, 2021:India is gasping for breath so are its people and also its leadership. For the first time the Fundamental Rights in Chapter-III of the Indian Constitution, equality before Law & equal protection for everyone has been the real practice in India. The demon of Corona has terrorized everybody without distinguishing between status, class, creed or religion. Continuously over one year in the most hideous way Corona has acted worse than a dictator, or a terrorist or a butcher caring for none whether the highest or the lowest. The Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi who is a glamorous and vocal leader has, it appears, lost his shine and the capacity to think of new ideas to keep people engaged in his hidden agenda. Everybody has been locked up in the houses with the family. Residential houses have become jails. One and half years have gone since Corona visited and decided to stay as an unwanted guest. No one can imagine what shall happen the next day. Despite the expertise of the scientists, analysis of the journalists and frontline leadership of politicians Corona is like an elephant who keeps crushing the juicy sugarcanes under its heavy weight. There is no escape, no hope, no future and no answers to the repeated questions as to when the Corona shall come to an end.

Life continues, the power hungry politicians have continued shouting their slogans that the election process is on the rise. The politicians are changing their colours, faces and names. Turn coat is a big name today.

Jammu and Kashmir is equally under the wrath of Corona and the common person from the streets to the farms, educational institutions to hospitals and everywhere the Corona is shaking a common man. The children and the elder persons are starving in the streets, the patients have no medicines, only Covid-19 patients are attending and those who have heavy influence in the hospitals or in the administration. State of J&K which has been de-named as Union Territory, not even that, has been bifurcated into two Union Territories called J&K and Ladakh. It is a shame that not a single politician or even political party or even Member Parliament could raise this objection that Parliament of India was not competent to bifurcate J&K which was founded in 1846 by Maharaja Gulab Singh. Even the State Assembly has been dissolved unconstitutionally by the Modi government and not a single political party could raise a finger.

It is pertinent that the border State of Jammu and Kashmir which continues to be on the focus of the international powers and particularly Anglo-American Bloc who have not been able to digest existence of J&K within India have started playing their dangerous tricks of war and allow killing of more people then Corona could have killed. Mr. Modi, the Prime Minister of India holds the reign of the country so what is J&K for him. He has to please his new friends in the West, particularly the USA rather Anglo-American Bloc. Things are changing fast. The only way for the Govt. of India is to restore the statehood status of J&K without any delay. It is also important to hold Assembly elections to the entire State of J&K and Ladakh because Parliament had no right to change the statehood of J&K or break it into pieces. What has been done is against the law of land, the Constitution of India and even international law. The only way out  that restore the statehood of J&K and hold the Assembly elections without any delay. That Assembly could hold delimitation under the national law and international command.

If that does not happen then Modi’s Government shall be responsible for anything, which can damage the national interest, hurt the people and the country. Best is that the Centre returns democracy to J&K with the elected government in the hands of people of J&K and the Centre go back to Delhi because India, the whole of India needs your attention in these tough times.

This was the message which Prof.Bhim Singh, President, J&K National Panthers Party and Sr. Advocate, Supreme Court as well as Executive Chairman, State Legal Aid Committee conveyed to all Panthers Party leadership as well as to all other recognized political parties in J&K and in the rest of the country.

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