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Congress Councilor with other leaders joins Apni Party in Thathri

Thathri, May 24, 2021: Councilor of Thathri Municipal Committee, Asgar Hussain Khanday alongwith other Congress Party leaders today joined Apni Party in presence of senior leaders.

President of Apni Party Syed Mohammed Altaf Bukhari welcomed them into the party telephonically and hoped that their joining will strengthen the party in Chenab Valley.

District President, Kishtwar, Mohinder Singh Parihar also welcomed the decision of Congress Party leaders who joined Apni Party.

Meanwhile, Councilor, Municipal Committee, Thathri, alongwith Block General Secretary Mushtaq Ahmed and some others workers including Ex Naib Sarpanch Thathri B, Javed Ahmed, Nazir Ahmed, Ashiq Hussain and Javed Iqbal in Thathri tehsil of Doda district joined the Party.

On this occasion, a virtual meeting of Apni Party was organized under the leadership of Provincial Vice President Syed Asgar Ali and Advocate Zulkernain Sheikh with Congress Block President Thathri Asgar Hussain Khanday, Block General Secretary Mushtaq Ahmed and others workers including Ex-Naib Sarpanch Thathri-B including Javed Ahmed, Nazir Ahmed, Ashiq Hussain and Javed Iqbal.

Speaking on the occasion, Provincial Vice President, and Ex-MLC Syed Asgar Ali welcomed the Congress Party leaders into the Party.

Asgar Ali said that people have developed faith in the party leadership and its policies for the welfare and unity of Jammu and Kashmir.

“We promise only doable things to the people. We have not come into politics to mislead the poor masses. We want to work for the people and unemployed youth who have been deprived in Chenab Valley of the employment sector by the companies engaged in hydro electric projects. We will not nexus between some officials and politicians to selectively employ youth in the developmental projects/hydro electric projects and deny the right of locals to get first preference,” said Syed Asgar Ali.

He said the political leadership has failed to develop Chenab Valley where the condition of road connectivity is very poor in rural areas, and clean drinking water supply is a distant dream.

“The discriminatory approach of the leaders and administration is responsible for underdevelopment in Chenab Valley. The tourism sector has failed to highlight the natural beauty and picnic spots of Kishtwar, Doda and Ramban. Therefore, the tourist influx is very little,” he said.

He said that “We have to redress the public issues of electricity, water and ration by highlighting them and restoring trust of the people in the political system which they have lost because political parties have made hollow slogans but did nothing for the people.”

“Health sector has completely crumbled in Chenab Valley and they are working mainly as referral hospitals. The want of specialized doctors is still remaining unfulfilled in many of the hospitals and the PHCs.”

Speaking on the occasion, Advocate Zulkernain Sheikh said that “Many senior leadership of Congress Block Thathri have refused to surrender to the dictatorial attitude of Congress leadership in Thathri and therefore, they joined Apni Party which is hope for the hopeless and helping people.”

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